Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

hide the truth

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: hide the truth

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76 hide the truth
You have a weight on my conscience

30 tell the truth
good opportunities

45 truth
listen to the advice of friends

63 convinced of the truth
fidelity to commitments

5 swear the truth
bad news

80 re-establish the truth
lucky events

11 discovery of a truth

43 discover a truth
sensitivity of mind

52 denying the truth
collaboration countered

81 fear the truth
painful discussion

55 feel the truth
support to an older person

10 admit the truth

9 to hide

26 hide money
nervous tension

56 hide your wallet
disputes with employees

62 hide jewelery
speculations dangerous

60 hide letters
to overcome prejudices

73 hide food

52 hide weapons
isolation and boredom

30 hide people
unnecessary controversy

51 hide soldiers
tightening of relations

14 hide prisoners
nagging problems

18 hide escapees
widespread activity

8 hide lover
struggles in family

77 hide the treasure
initiatives wrong

76 hide stolen goods
bitterness and strife

51 hides
unexpected benefit