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He runs after me to bite. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream he runs after me to bite. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mule that runs away 5
Meaning of the dream: news from afar

bull runs 85
Description: favorable circumstances

ambulance that runs 40
Interpretation of the dream: wrong to be repaired

cavalry that runs 32
Translation: fulfillment of desires

devil that runs 74
Dream description: discretion

child who runs 52
Meaning: new activities in view

motorcyclist who runs 55
Translation of the dream: distrust, security

farmer who runs 88
Interpretation: clear days

shepherdess that runs 60
Sense of the dream: moments of anger

giraffe that runs 50
What does it mean: too much confidence

filly that runs 45
Meaning of the dream: you need more freedom

beautiful filly that runs house 42
Description: You marry a good woman

ugly little mare that runs around the house 25
Interpretation of the dream: marry a bad woman

Take a bite 44
Translation: harassment

bite 30
Dream description: jealousy and sorrow

bite cat 80
Meaning: sad separation

bite himself 20
Translation of the dream: agreement and peace in the family

Take a bite with your doctor 12
Interpretation: good health

Take a bite with the family 15
Sense of the dream: economic benefits

Take a bite with friends 1
What does it mean: good times

Take a bite with relatives 33
Meaning of the dream: nuisance

bite meat 27
Description: happy omen

bite fruit 10
Interpretation of the dream: slander

bite a person 7
Translation: joys and pleasures

bite out of anger 35
Dream description: joy in family

bite out of jealousy 42
Meaning: illness of a loved one

bite of hunger 16
Translation of the dream: quarrels

bugs that bite 38
Interpretation: new proposals advantageous

Dogs that bite 24
Sense of the dream: various ailments

ants that bite 69
What does it mean: serious concerns

bite bread 66
Meaning of the dream: devotion to family

bite of the wolf 44
Description: dangerous business

bite the bullet 7
Interpretation of the dream: lack of maturity

bite lover 79
Translation: excessive worry

potato bite 41
Dream description: good marriage

bite of pizza 79
Meaning: good luck

bite his tongue 21
Translation of the dream: understanding for others

beef bite 47
Interpretation: gossip in the workplace

lion bite 30
Sense of the dream: rebellion environment

tiger bite 19
What does it mean: numerous honors

venomous bite 74
Meaning of the dream: infamy

bite of wild animal 30
Description: Good news

dormer uninhabited 46
Interpretation of the dream: curiosity