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Groom a mule. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream groom a mule. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

groom a mule 84
Meaning of the dream: economic benefits

saddling a mule 10
Description: unnecessary waiting

mule 77
Interpretation of the dream: the activities will expand in other areas, but we must act with prudence and foresight

mule grazing 28
Translation: surprise in love

groom a horse 25
Dream description: considerable satisfaction

groom a donkey 9
Meaning: inner security

runaway mule 70
Translation of the dream: discord in the family

mule's rump 42
Interpretation: problems to be solved

ride a mule 13
Sense of the dream: extraordinary expenses

mule kicks 56
What does it mean: luck in business

fall from his mule 88
Meaning of the dream: failure of projects

yokel with mule 16
Description: plenty of money

see a mule 45
Interpretation of the dream: magnification business

cart with mule 78
Translation: Good news coming

mule that runs away 5
Dream description: news from afar

emperor groom 30
Meaning: part of their personality is maintained in a latent state

mule shoe 9
Translation of the dream: suction disappointed

groom 72
Interpretation: sadness

church with bride and groom 54
Sense of the dream: hidden enemies

mullet lives 83
What does it mean: appointment to return

cook a mullet 27
Meaning of the dream: hassles and annoyances

to curry 51
Description: you ll have to deal with rude people

blessing 23
Interpretation of the dream: happiness and joy

to get engaged 79
Translation: pleasant trip

fopling 56
Dream description: attention to the dangers

boyfriend hurt 81
Meaning: realization of desires

healthy boyfriend 4
Translation of the dream: unexpected event

betray boyfriend 72
Interpretation: momentary whims

supervising boyfriend 74
Sense of the dream: practical realization

suspect boyfriend 30
What does it mean: emotional upsets

letter of boyfriend 60
Meaning of the dream: difficulties should not be underestimated

fondle her boyfriend 87
Description: delays and problems

call your boyfriend 54
Interpretation of the dream: interesting revelations

frolicking with boyfriend 43
Translation: important news

abandoned by her boyfriend 37
Dream description: triumph over enemies

a sore for a wound 39
Meaning: new charge of vitality

get a toy as a gift 3
Translation of the dream: happiness

husband of a woman a man 7
Interpretation: you have an opponent in love

receiving a harmonica as a gift 43
Sense of the dream: pleasures make someone

receive a pearl as a gift 17
What does it mean: financial difficulties

have a calculation in a body organ 45
Meaning of the dream: oppositions in love

cross a ditch over a table 29
Description: you ll soon be the victim of unscrupulous cheaters

receive a large possession as a gift 50
Interpretation of the dream: you will soon have a nice partner

see a ladybug 23
Translation: strengthening of family ties

a song of a man 37
Dream description: perseverance and submission

mock an unhappy one 47
Meaning: malicious gossip

a shave from a barber 14
Translation of the dream: many hassles and gossip

ladybug on a flower 6
Interpretation: Positive loving events