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Handle suitcase. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream handle suitcase. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dagger handle 67
Meaning of the dream: you are afraid of making mistakes

handle accepts 41
Description: You have reliable friends in time of need

empty suitcase 6
Interpretation of the dream: well-founded trust

keep a suitcase 61
Translation: expected changes in the family or in the work

suitcase 59
Dream description: you re ready for any novelty

entrust a suitcase 2
Meaning: quarrels inappropriate

the fork handle 6
Translation of the dream: misery

find a suitcase 80
Interpretation: quarrels and disputes

suitcase full 23
Sense of the dream: optimism

open suitcase 87
What does it mean: good chance

bronze handle 18
Meaning of the dream: obstacles to overcome

suitcase bellows 47
Description: fortitude

suitcase closed 50
Interpretation of the dream: curiosity satisfied

small suitcase 59
Translation: quarrels with relatives

buy suitcase 33
Dream description: joy and serenity

deposit suitcase 61
Meaning: fantastic dreams

fill your suitcase 57
Translation of the dream: momentary happiness

lose suitcase 42
Interpretation: exaltation sentimental

large suitcase 1
Sense of the dream: fallacious illusions

give suitcase 19
What does it mean: unexpected support

steal a suitcase 42
Meaning of the dream: treacherous friendships

canvas suitcase 10
Description: joyful events

elegant suitcase 31
Interpretation of the dream: creative spirit

fiber suitcase 72
Translation: great dynamism

prepare the suitcase 26
Dream description: something is finally concluded

send the suitcase 19
Meaning: tough business

leather suitcase 21
Translation of the dream: probability Travel

Glass Handle 34
Interpretation: you're underestimating yourself

horn handle 29
Sense of the dream: inner conflicts

Handle crystal 49
What does it mean: quarrels and ruptures

hammer handle 66
Meaning of the dream: advantageous purchases

spade handle 11
Description: intentions tenacious

broom with handle 7
Interpretation of the dream: sudden change

glass with handle 17
Translation: danger of deceit

rake handle 3
Dream description: joy by relatives

carry the suitcase in hand 73
Meaning: embarrassing situation

rake without handle 15
Translation of the dream: excessive shyness

to empty the suitcase 75
Interpretation: Excessive volatility

stealing a suitcase 42
Sense of the dream: friendships insecure

umbrella with gold handle 28
What does it mean: rigid moralism

broken handle 10
Meaning of the dream: threat of separation

handle knife 16
Description: you missed some good opportunities

brass handle 5
Interpretation of the dream: lack of objectivity

handle steel 29
Translation: indecision dangerous

silver handle 65
Dream description: negotiations contrasted

iron handle 56
Meaning: loneliness

Handle of scoop 25
Translation of the dream: great social period

handle bars 20
Interpretation: contrasts of love

umbrella without a handle 40
Sense of the dream: loss of a friend

diplomatic bag 26
What does it mean: delusions of grandeur

the handle of a pot 90
Meaning of the dream: will you make peace with a woman

Gold Handle 42
Description: unforeseeable events

umbrella with an ivory handle 65
Interpretation of the dream: exchange of courtesies

stick with ivory knob 45
Translation: forebodings deceivers