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Handle tools useful work. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream handle tools useful work. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

handle tools useful work 52
Meaning of the dream: great help from a person in authority

work tools 50
Description: news of relatives

useful invention 69

stand tools 9

useful object 29
Dream description: sudden success

useful gift 56
Meaning: imprudent adventures

be useful 49
Translation of the dream: drop enmities

shopkeeper tools 21

inconstant work 7

Work embassy 22

regular work 14

nice work 75
Description: maturity and optimism

work notes 7

tireless work 66

intellectual work 57
Dream description: useless projects

accurate work 33
Meaning: Threads

work clay 20
Translation of the dream: gain for workers

detest work 56
Interpretation: poor physical endurance

shorten work 1
Sense of the dream: mishaps

written work 19
What does it mean: negotiations uncertain

leave work 44
Meaning of the dream: pleasant events in family

approve work 87

Beef work 76

plenty of work 21
Translation: deceptions

work box 15
Dream description: crisis in the family

check work 49
Meaning: financial aid

organize work 49
Translation of the dream: deep aspirations

continue the work 25

offer work 48
Sense of the dream: passenger discontent

love work 24

work shirts 78

shelve work 85
Description: achievements difficult

immersed in the work 26

work without rest 80
Translation: decrease of vitality

happy with the work 84

miss at work 58

disappointment from work 14
Translation of the dream: suspicions unjust

expelled from work 15
Interpretation: appreciations Don ts

time off work 57

boring work 51
What does it mean: expect a big change

wool work it 18

handle gold 41
Description: strong wrath

see work worker 1
Interpretation of the dream: reproaches that bear

lose the job 31
Translation: It is not comfortable with their current employment situation

start a heavy work 88
Dream description: gains difficult to secure

handle tobacco 42

lady work 45

work bobbin 49
Interpretation: new romantic relationships

himself master with work 72

absorbed in work 43

disaster at work 25
Meaning of the dream: quarrels dangerous

Farmer at work 87
Description: someone around you is very stubborn

give aid usefully 70
Interpretation of the dream: challenges to overcome

misfortune at work 25
Translation: to avoid disputes

workers at work 69
Dream description: future plans

work in theater 66

applied to the work 72

lifeguard at work 27

Shoemaker at work 16
Sense of the dream: curiosity punished

watch for work 34
What does it mean: repressed ambitions

work from Shoemaker 45

inclination to work 33

do manual work 4
Interpretation of the dream: happiness

hanged at work 53

fishing tools 5
Dream description: awaits loss in your business

consumed by too much work 66
Meaning: Threads

manual work 42
Translation of the dream: gumption

chosen work 17
Interpretation: skills in business

make a good work 71
Sense of the dream: messy business