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Greeting triumphant. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream greeting triumphant. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

greeting 56
Meaning of the dream: reconciliation

chimney sweep greeting 11
Description: strong impressionability

make a greeting 12
Interpretation of the dream: good social skills

triumphal apparatus 2
Translation: Understanding difficult

greetings respectful 23
Dream description: good news soon

salute the flag 54
Meaning: decisions well directed

greet friends 29
Translation of the dream: excess of generosity

greet parents 8
Interpretation: new proposals advantageous

greet an officer 85
Sense of the dream: heavy duty

warm welcome 70
What does it mean: surprises from a trip

Colonel who greets 15
Meaning of the dream: frantic activity

greet relatives 60
Description: financial backers

falling outside 11
Interpretation of the dream: own business in disarray

acclaim 21
Translation: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

triumphal arch 11
Dream description: libelous speeches

receive greetings 74
Meaning: harmony passing

to greet 1
Translation of the dream: next cure for your suffering

novelty welcome 19
Interpretation: projects impossible to achieve

victorious warrior 17
Sense of the dream: liberation from weights

victorious army 36
What does it mean: willingness stubborn

victorious troops 38
Meaning of the dream: strong differences of jealousy

victorious regiment 82
Description: impulsive temperament

victorious fleet 10
Interpretation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

healthy crying 15
Translation: generous impulses

healthy boyfriend 4
Dream description: unexpected event

healthy teacher 78
Meaning: unstable relationships

pay homage 88
Translation of the dream: need for caution

present arms 60
Interpretation: strong annoyances

healthy lover 3
Sense of the dream: satisfaction and recognition

homage authority 66
What does it mean: demonstration of loyalty

tribute to mother 45
Meaning of the dream: abundance and peace

serenade tribute 81
Description: lack of momentum

tribute to his father 24
Interpretation of the dream: aid not required

green tree 49
Translation: enthusiasms durable

mountaineer in a group 71
Dream description: threat of danger

plateau green 40
Meaning: positive experiences

announcement welcome 33
Translation of the dream: reproach deserved

bench vegetables 10
Interpretation: poor luck

boil vegetables 61
Sense of the dream: position ensured

vegetable shop 78
What does it mean: poor luck

acclamation 48
Meaning of the dream: adulation with sad consequences, subtleties

see anything grow up 57
Description: Your well-being is growing slowly

healthy waters 1
Interpretation of the dream: next cure for your suffering

heap green leaves 74
Translation: attention to the evil enemies

angel for the healthy 67
Dream description: consolation, good news

artery (blood type system) 67
Meaning: good chance to boost your work

make or receive greetings 56
Translation of the dream: confidence

green campaign 80
Interpretation: clear thoughts

basket with vegetables 42
Sense of the dream: rash judgments

load vegetables 33
What does it mean: unusual encounter

cart with vegetables 43
Meaning of the dream: distrust in the near

quarry 26
Description: nice trips

tuff quarry 31
Interpretation of the dream: economic difficulties