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Glass with spider. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream glass with spider. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

spider 88
Meaning of the dream: quarrels, discussions

see a spider 76
Description: mental laziness

spider on him 11
Interpretation of the dream: selfish concerns

see spider webs 84
Translation: enmities secret

cobweb with the spider 30
Dream description: danger of exploitation

spider on the wall 83
Meaning: important letters

spider in the bed 39
Translation of the dream: intransigence exaggerated

Spider day 39
Interpretation: trouble with superiors

spider at night 18
Sense of the dream: money coming

spider weaving 84
What does it mean: hidden enemies

crush a spider 62
Meaning of the dream: serenity of spirit

dead spider 61
Description: victory over an enemy

water spider 38
Interpretation of the dream: critical moments

Spider sea 81
Translation: spiritual understanding

spider leg 44

spider crushed 76
Meaning: inability to deal with problems

spider on the ceiling 36

spider that takes flies 40
Interpretation: unpleasant mishaps

spider catching flies 9

spider that makes the canvas 67

glass jar 11
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated enthusiasm

goblet of glass 55
Description: difficult relationship

crystal glass 44
Interpretation of the dream: dislikes unjustified

glass gold 90
Translation: rapid collapse of illusions

glass Silver 48
Dream description: restriction of personal freedom

glass of metal 52
Meaning: Health unstable

clean glass 18
Translation of the dream: attitudes safe

dirty glass 15
Interpretation: yearning for the beautiful

cracked glass 15
Sense of the dream: dangerous head shots

broken glass 5
What does it mean: danger of infection

glass of chalice 51
Meaning of the dream: vanity excessive

water glass 1
Description: repentance useless

liqueur glass 38
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm for good news

full glass 75
Translation: greed for money

colored glass 44
Dream description: great imagination

glass bottle 67
Meaning: indecision and insecurity

glass button 84
Translation of the dream: prodigality eccentric

glass pitcher 75
Interpretation: little understanding

glass carafe 77
Sense of the dream: pulse control

glass bowl 51
What does it mean: passing pleasures

contemplated in a glass 54
Meaning of the dream: disillusion

glass lid 65
Description: skill and cunning

breaking glass 36
Interpretation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

glass filter 52
Translation: promising business

glass funnel 68
Dream description: volatility harmful

glass plate 16
Meaning: your tranquility should be treated because it could vanish at any moment

glass object 26
Translation of the dream: obstacles overcome

opaque glass 88
Interpretation: infatuation of short duration

piece of glass 13
Sense of the dream: ephemeral goods