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Wax and rain. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wax and rain. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

rain 12
Meaning of the dream: income, inheritance

see rain 37
Description: momentary glitches

abhor the rain 31
Interpretation of the dream: affliction

rain water 4
Translation: small gain

freeze for rain 21
Dream description: tittle-tattle

sunrise with rain 45
Meaning: bad close

storm of rain 39
Translation of the dream: need for caution

Cyclone rain 49
Interpretation: displeasures with relatives

torrential rain 66
Sense of the dream: momentary glitches

Regular rain 16
What does it mean: economic benefits

Rain squalls 77
Meaning of the dream: sorrows and troubles

rain along with hail 9
Description: future prosperity

rain with the sun 90
Interpretation of the dream: pride and ambition

walking in the rain 80
Translation: entry money

amount of rain 16
Dream description: new guidelines

shelter from the rain 62
Meaning: threatening disease

run away for the rain 63
Translation of the dream: sadness and disappointment

pelting rain 17
Interpretation: Project maturity

Flooding rain 41

begin to rain 74

arrival of rain 62

autumn with rain 78

campaign with rain 49

night rain 8
Translation: thoughts of hatred and jealousy toward someone

rain cover 28

rain of fire 65

refuge from the rain under the porch 18
Translation of the dream: advantageous purchases

wax 53
Interpretation: successful initiatives

use wax 31
Sense of the dream: resolutions postponed

see use wax 19
What does it mean: emotional complications

sketch in wax 44
Meaning of the dream: loss of property

wax doll 18
Description: difficult ascent

puppet wax 90
Interpretation of the dream: demonstration of gratitude

wax cast 40
Translation: deserved awards

candle wax 47
Dream description: sacrifices to be made

white wax 55
Meaning: strength and health

colored wax 54
Translation of the dream: spirit dreamer

melted wax 84
Interpretation: poor health

black wax 10
Sense of the dream: sense of duty

floor wax 81
What does it mean: precipitate action

sealing wax 40
Meaning of the dream: susceptibility exaggerated

wax silver 21
Description: susceptibility exaggerated

wax golden 49
Interpretation of the dream: secrets, to keep

wax white 85
Translation: reckless exuberance

red wax 71
Dream description: willingness relentless

wax green 76
Meaning: prodigality eccentric

wax tile 26
Translation of the dream: difficult relationships

use sealing wax 15
Interpretation: prudence and confidentiality

casting wax 59
Sense of the dream: obstacles to overcome

wax matches 13
What does it mean: pleasant adventure

liquefy wax 65
Meaning of the dream: suffering in danger

smell of wax 55
Description: Reports dangerous