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Girl street. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream girl street. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

girl street 48
Meaning of the dream: useful information

girl screaming 90
Description: Legal difficulties

girl laughs 11
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen expenses

girl walking 62
Translation: beware of fake friends

magnetize girl 60

girl playing 15
Meaning: illusory achievements

girl stitching 28
Translation of the dream: important meeting

masked street 4
Interpretation: financial problem to be solved

poor street 4
Sense of the dream: problems to be solved

orphan street 75

girl washes 7
Meaning of the dream: happy solution

girl singing 18
Description: Good news

slip street 50
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainties to be overcome

mice street 80
Translation: repressed desires

girl in church 50
Dream description: praiseworthy quality

undress street 87
Meaning: need of rest

crazy street 13
Translation of the dream: talk out of envy

spree street 62

Abortion street 11

ants street 13
What does it mean: unjust accusations

cackle street 17
Meaning of the dream: considerable satisfaction

girl at sea 30
Description: physical endurance

reptile street 83
Interpretation of the dream: nervousness accentuated

Sergeant street 49
Translation: nebulous ideals

street lit 25
Dream description: need of rest

beautiful girl 29
Meaning: joys sentimental

cappuccino street 6

woo a girl 78
Interpretation: projects to be postponed

girl at the theater 4

Goose street 62
What does it mean: hopes for a long-awaited rapprochement

a blonde girl 43
Meaning of the dream: luck in the game

pregnant girl 44
Description: new ideas to be realized

naked girl 10
Interpretation of the dream: disturbing thoughts

friar street 19
Translation: agitated life

smallpox street 9
Dream description: disconcerting discovery

girl stretches 12
Meaning: professional prestige

impregnate girl 35

dead girl 33
Interpretation: betrayal by employees

girl arguing 53

old street 77
What does it mean: challenging conversation

wide street 23
Meaning of the dream: joyful life

girl sleeping 32
Description: unexpected obstacle

country girl 89
Interpretation of the dream: health recovery

Pork street 34
Translation: confusion and difficulty

girl at school 38

crowded street 15
Meaning: concerns

girl aged 53
Translation of the dream: agitated thoughts

pig street 34
Interpretation: confusion and difficulty

uphill street 70
Sense of the dream: high hopes

Bald-headed girl 52
What does it mean: strong contrasts

girl at the window 70
Meaning of the dream: good receptivity in love

Official street 21
Description: results stimulants

masquerade street 63
Interpretation of the dream: problems at work

girl in bed 40
Translation: family quarrels

restrain street 11
Dream description: next trip

poor girl 51
Meaning: lure offers

hit the street 72
Translation of the dream: resourcefulness excessive

haberdasher street 22

girl studying 23
Sense of the dream: beautiful prospects

Ice on the street 27

girl eating 42

call girl 64

burned in the street 18