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Accident with wet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream accident with wet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

accident 56
Meaning of the dream: anxieties and fears deep

killed by accident 27
Description: Fears passengers

drown by accident 46
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal of women

attend an accident 9
Translation: humiliation

describe an accident 27
Dream description: narrow escape

with serious derailment accident 17
Meaning: you are in a difficult situation

hunting accident 44
Translation of the dream: dangerous situation


horror to an accident 20
Interpretation: restlessness

escape from an accident 60
Sense of the dream: useful clarifications

road accident 60
What does it mean: slight disorder

death by accident 70

have or be wet 26
Description: anger

someone has wet 18
Interpretation of the dream: a relative will help you

get wet 76

flat wet 13
Dream description: important news

feeling wet 54
Meaning: hope ill-founded

wet room 19
Translation of the dream: injustice punished

wet hat 75
Interpretation: fight to avoid

wet coal 72
Sense of the dream: critical moments

wet cement 3
What does it mean: Safety in love

wet hay 61
Meaning of the dream: deceptions hidden

wet rope 47
Description: mobility reports

wet with dew 18
Interpretation of the dream: facilities and improvements

threshold wet 82
Translation: uncompromising stance

wet weather 87
Dream description: reports to be clarified

wet paint 7
Meaning: prudence in speech


wet suit 10

wet with sweat 78

wet balm 35

house wet 66

wet rag 70

wet clothes 15

wet prison 87

Cod In Wet 56

drain wet cloths 82
Dream description: new love

If accidental 86
Meaning: uncertainty of tomorrow

gaffe (accidentally) 57
Translation of the dream: violence

incest serious accidents 37
Interpretation: ruin

insurance against accidents 64
Sense of the dream: support from friends

accidental 3

wetting drowning 5

wetting dancing 21

wetting boat 21

wetting in the cabin 51

protect themselves from accidents 44