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Girl sleeping in car. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream girl sleeping in car. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

girl sleeping 32
Meaning of the dream: unexpected obstacle

sleeping car 82
Description: envy hidden

sick sleeping 56
Interpretation of the dream: conquest of goods

animal sleeping 4
Translation: wisdom actions

donkey sleeping 32
Dream description: eventful period

sleeping beast 4
Meaning: wisdom actions

hound sleeping 32
Translation of the dream: programs to be reviewed

ox sleeping 66
Interpretation: hard times

rustic sleeping 33
Sense of the dream: new initiatives

canary sleeping 4
What does it mean: little annoyances

dog sleeping 32
Meaning of the dream: programs to be reviewed

goat sleeping 45
Description: danger of cheating

inmate sleeping 72
Interpretation of the dream: coldness and calculation

deer sleeping 18
Translation: fear and insecurity

woman sleeping 37
Dream description: Negative thoughts

sleeping in bed 3
Meaning: actions to prevent

sleeping cat 19
Translation of the dream: displays of affection

sleeping on feathers 80
Interpretation: achieving a goal

sleeping in armchair 18
Sense of the dream: patience and optimism

children sleeping 14
What does it mean: satisfactions

sleeping bag 65
Meaning of the dream: lack of confidence

sleeping pill 69
Description: misconduct

take the sleeping pill 17
Interpretation of the dream: danger of deceit

sleeping in the barn 60
Translation: Revenue extra money

sleeping tiger 88
Dream description: solid loving relationship

drunk sleeping 61
Meaning: happy conclusion

man sleeping 32
Translation of the dream: disease passing

coachman sleeping 57
Interpretation: cunning and mischief

Abbot sleeping 17

Abbess sleeping 38

rough sleeping 26

sleeping eating 75

sleeping angel 11

sleeping with his father 23

sleeping with her lover 3

sleeping with mother 65

sleeping with his wife 28

sleeping train 39

sleeping on straw 80

sleeping brother 47

hunchback sleeping 78

Archpriest sleeping 11

Goldfinch sleeping 20

peasant sleeping 66

lying sleeping 7

sleeping on a float 71

little baby sleeping 17

see playing or sleeping cats 5
Interpretation: poor performance of something

sleeping with naked person 10
Sense of the dream: reason to fear the trap in which they will be taken

buy sleeping pill 88
What does it mean: mild illness

give sleeping pills to others 89
Meaning of the dream: behavior to be corrected

girl 1
Description: Ideas, dreams and enthusiasm for life

fall asleep with sleeping pills 90
Interpretation of the dream: misconduct

plaything of girl 77
Translation: happy encounters

a blonde girl 43
Dream description: luck in the game

woo a girl 78
Meaning: projects to be postponed

Confirmation of a little girl 6
Translation of the dream: sense of responsibility

gift from a girl 6
Interpretation: contrariness

girl crying 3
Sense of the dream: serious difficulties

girl who laughs 11
What does it mean: unforeseen expenses

girl singing 18
Meaning of the dream: Good news

girl in bed 40
Description: family quarrels

dead girl 33
Interpretation of the dream: betrayal by employees

kissing girl 6
Translation: auspices happy

pregnant girl 44
Dream description: new ideas to be realized

pinup girl 11
Meaning: joy

palm if a girl 28
Translation of the dream: It will soon married

beautiful girl 29
Interpretation: joys sentimental

ugly girl 44
Sense of the dream: embarrassment of choice

girl aged 53
What does it mean: agitated thoughts

girl laughs 11
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen expenses

girl stitching 28
Description: important meeting

girl washes 7
Interpretation of the dream: happy solution

girl stretches 12
Translation: professional prestige

girl playing 15
Dream description: illusory achievements

girl screaming 90
Meaning: Legal difficulties

girl studying 23
Translation of the dream: beautiful prospects

sick girl 33
Interpretation: new achievements

poor girl 51
Sense of the dream: lure offers

girl street 48
What does it mean: useful information

girl in church 50
Meaning of the dream: praiseworthy quality