Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Abbot car

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: Abbot car

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Abbot car 12
discussions and pains

abbot 27
harbinger of doom

be an abbot 48

Abbot comes to us 31

old abbot 38

abbot who walks 65
family quarrels

abbot fleeing 90
concerns passing

Abbot preaches 50
small financial losses

Abbot who confesses 8

abbot who blesses 34
successful initiatives

abbot crying 54
New appointments

Abbot unregulated 56

abbot in the train 47
happiness in love

Abbot in airplane 13
temporary difficulties

ill abbot 74
Fortunately incoming

dead abbot 11

Abbot horse 18

Abbot talks 41

Abbot strolling 44

abbot driver 65

Abbot flirting 83

Abbot dancing 63

Abbot drinking 45

Abbot falling 13

Abbot singing 32

Abbot sleeping 17

abbot who does alms 7

Abbot smoking 20

Abbot playing 21

Abbot who writes 53

Abbot who marries 44

Abbot screaming 78

Abbot with boxer 28

Abbot with dead 18

Abbot with pastoral 19

Abbot with prostitute 11

Abbot with stole 87

Abbot elevator 85

Abbot boat 23

Abbot Church 55

Abbot airship 88

Abbot in function 18

Abbot in procession 39

abbot in the refectory 28

Abbot tram 31

regular abbot 43

outrageous abbot 80

abbot secular 6

abbot sitting 24

drunk abbot 51

abbot who takes tobacco 4

go by car 32
trust in love

car 7
even in pleasant situations, you ll still be restless and anxious

try a car 63
to avoid disputes

followed by car 56
business combination

old car 9
pleasant experience

look out of the car 56

get up in the car 5

buying a car 78

rent a car 70
ambition fulfilled

insure the car 7
prudence in business

buy car 72
gained notoriety

selling car 10
money refund

Car stops 50
successful completion of tests

Car racing 16
unexpected help

broken down car 17
dangers avoided

car that collides 5
necessity of saving

racing car 58
threat of damage

car battery 20
uncontrolled impulsiveness

arriving by car 66

car sedan 70
good omen

falling from the car 22
ill-intentioned people

hood of car 81
resumption of business

Driving a Car 89
independent character

cover the car 17
constructive dynamic

run in the car 27
low energy

car race 10
unexpected surprise

clash with the car 5
friendship in danger

descend from the car 22
restitution of money

stop the car 62
lack of firmness

brake the car 85
ties difficult

escape by car 66
weakness of character

drive a car 76
divergence from smooth

car crash 34
change of life

car chase 89

fender of car 81
temporary irritation

Starting by car 49
New appointments

pedal car 73

stay in the car 84
aid from friends

drive car 24
impatience from curb

cop car 52
quality to be exploited

pay car 17
Decision to return

rally car 86
tiring ascent

repair the car 8
scrupulousness in spending