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Get broken tiles. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream get broken tiles. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tiles on the floor 62
Meaning of the dream: need for caution

count tiles 26
Description: intense pace of work

attic with tiles 55
Interpretation of the dream: events pleasant and nice

see falling tiles 42
Translation: decisions to return

floor tiles 6
Dream description: would renew

broken bones 67
Meaning: business disruption

buy tiles 8
Translation of the dream: unexpected meeting

get creditors 40
Interpretation: Security in business, some concern

broken portholes 9
Sense of the dream: danger

wax tile 26
What does it mean: difficult relationships

tiles on the roof 78
Meaning of the dream: reward waiting

broken arms 74
Description: misery

broken oars 3
Interpretation of the dream: danger to get around

broken furniture 28
Translation: need for caution

broken portholes looking out 53
Dream description: ponders better your feedback

get the recipe 79
Meaning: apparent misfortunes

get the camellia 18
Translation of the dream: fleeting happiness

broken blinds 2
Interpretation: problems in the family

broken wrappers 20
Sense of the dream: argument and discussion

get an extension 70
What does it mean: hostility in the workplace

get a ring 65
Meaning of the dream: failed attempt at reconciliation

broken things 12
Description: embarrassments

get eye 82
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous distractions

broken gloves 39
Translation: discovery of a secret

broken pots 36
Dream description: loss of friends or girlfriends

broken toys 51
Meaning: selfishness and calculation

broken road 22
Translation of the dream: clear ideas

get aid 79
Interpretation: inner security

get the cake 88
Sense of the dream: efforts with a happy ending

broken compass 87
What does it mean: exaggerations

broken crystal 8
Meaning of the dream: squabbles interest

obtain protection 30
Description: contrasts work

get an appointment 58
Interpretation of the dream: happy news

get offended 5
Translation: disagreement with a young person

Broken Key 11
Dream description: disease passing

broken boxes 51
Meaning: risk of loss

broken shoes 11
Translation of the dream: lack of initiative

get the fur 63
Interpretation: important relationships

get honors 14
Sense of the dream: joyful life and greatness

see or get something new 3
What does it mean: change of state

get money 64
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen expenses

obtain employment 27
Description: tenacious work

have broken ribs or bruised 18
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels between spouses, followed by great repentance, or simply, with relatives of either sex, and in relation to the sex of the dreamer

broken brick 85
Translation: You will face all the difficulties

obtain forgiveness 18
Dream description: reasonable resolutions

obtain food 69
Meaning: bad omen

broken egg 45
Translation of the dream: possible misfortunes

broken handcuffs 16
Interpretation: personal evolution

get the hat 33
Sense of the dream: loss of friends

get on a plateau 9
What does it mean: unexpected help

broken glass 5
Meaning of the dream: danger of infection

obtain a grace 62
Description: worrying physical weakness

get a mortgage 76
Interpretation of the dream: others trust you