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Gay betrayal. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream gay betrayal. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

pity gay 66
Meaning of the dream: strong division

to be a homosexual (gay) 42
Description: you feel repressed

see a homosexual (gay) 33
Interpretation of the dream: Your judgments are reckless

take a fancy gay 43
Translation: risky business to avoid

fall in love with gay 77
Dream description: you have doubts about the choice of your partner

gay 86
Meaning: vitality

notice a betrayal 22
Translation of the dream: vocation thwarted

betrayal of a friend 53
Interpretation: novelties like

betrayal of a woman 76
Sense of the dream: resourcefulness

suffer a betrayal 67
What does it mean: secret pain

treachery 17
Meaning of the dream: vocation thwarted

commit treason 82
Description: hidden enemies

discover a treason 63
Interpretation of the dream: fair play

guilty of treason 22
Translation: Heavy duty

consternation for treason 84
Dream description: truth misrepresented

wounded treacherously 85
Meaning: you are looking for a more carefree life

stabbed treacherously 33
Translation of the dream: concerns on the rise

hit treacherously 58
Interpretation: plot misleading

kill treacherously 3
Sense of the dream: disillusionment

betraying the faith 25
What does it mean: lack of sensitivity

betraying the homeland 46
Meaning of the dream: abrupt change

abbot transvestite 89
Description: serenity of spirit

love betrayed 90
Interpretation of the dream: tenacious rancor

betray boyfriend 72
Translation: momentary whims

policeman betrayed 59
Dream description: experience

betray a secret 31
Meaning: uncertainty and anxiety

betray a benefactor 68
Translation of the dream: secret love

betray her husband 82
Interpretation: unfounded fears

pinning betrayals 69
Sense of the dream: excitement from curb

betray his girlfriend 82
What does it mean: errors of judgment

traitorous kiss 85
Meaning of the dream: waste of time

lesbian woman 14
Description: desire for greater sweetness

bisexual 6
Interpretation of the dream: unpleasant encounter

fuck filth 41
Translation: abandonment of the father or marital home

yellow race 89
Dream description: major projects

betraying spouse 89
Meaning: important protections

Aryan race 11
Translation of the dream: profitable opportunities

betrayed spouse 63
Interpretation: requests unwelcome

unfaithful in love 2
Sense of the dream: unfair competition

abstinence it 45
What does it mean: prosperity

betraying lover 9
Meaning of the dream: diplomacy and opportunism

Democrat betrayed 48
Description: inner conquests

abstinence impose 60
Interpretation of the dream: boring meetings

sexual intercourse (sex) 83
Translation: dissatisfaction in your love life

infidelity among friends 62
Dream description: help to be given to a relative

infidelity with lover 50
Meaning: sick passenger

break down a barrier 48
Translation of the dream: presence of mind

break down a beast 75
Interpretation: decrease of energy

watering hole with horses 68
Sense of the dream: interesting journey

watering hole with poultry 81
What does it mean: deception of friends

dressing with care 88
Meaning of the dream: help to be given

dress with neglect 89
Description: enmity won

Take the bait with the lawyer 48
Interpretation of the dream: harassment

Take a bite with your doctor 12
Translation: good health