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Adultery discovered. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream adultery discovered. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

adultery discovered 81
Meaning of the dream: misery

adultery 34
Description: next calamity

adultery punished 61
Interpretation of the dream: next payout

adultery false 68
Translation: aid not required

commit adultery 58
Dream description: concerns

adultery of man 59
Meaning: discontent passengers

Adultery woman 75
Translation of the dream: loss of possessions

adultery repented 18

anus discovered 15
Sense of the dream: freedom from responsibility

cesspool discovered 9
What does it mean: hopes realized

velodrome discovered 16
Meaning of the dream: excessive demands

lurking discovered 54

liar discovered 38

casino discovered 78

informer discovered 38

cheater discovered 72

infanticide discovered 11

discovered lovers 46

appropriator discovered 3

smuggler discovered 18

vinegar adulterated 85
Meaning of the dream: ambition fulfilled

discover lie 75
Description: lack of flexibility

discover smuggling 32
Interpretation of the dream: lack of discipline

belly discovery 68
Translation: that problem is solved

recent discovery 74
Dream description: meeting interesting

discovery 33
Meaning: new phase of personal life

make a discovery 6
Translation of the dream: risky decisions

discovery of a truth 11
Interpretation: broadmindedness

discovery of a secret 84
Sense of the dream: ties unstable

Discovering a treasure 90
What does it mean: ideas to be clarified

discover pleasant 59
Meaning of the dream: dreams that fade away

unpleasant discovery 43
Description: serenity of spirit

brilliant discovery 66
Interpretation of the dream: external protection

archaeological discovery 39
Translation: friendly meetings

discover 89
Dream description: lack of flexibility

discover a conspiracy 8
Meaning: well-founded trust

discover a crime 26
Translation of the dream: vain hopes

discover a hiding 12
Interpretation: excessive generosity

discover a truth 43
Sense of the dream: sensitivity of mind

discover a person 36
What does it mean: end of a concern

discover a monument 81
Meaning of the dream: vanity excessive

discover a treason 63
Description: fair play

discover a treasure 10
Interpretation of the dream: willingness tenacious

discover the lair 66
Translation: fight for the job

discover the treasure 24
Dream description: business stagnation

adulterer clubbed 42

adulterer poisoning 87

adulterer wounded 84

adulterer scarred 32

adulterer killed 68

leg discovery 90