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Full glass perfume. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream full glass perfume. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

full glass 75
Meaning of the dream: greed for money

sell a perfume 49
Description: good luck

buy a perfume 15
Interpretation of the dream: wrong to be repaired

send a perfume 8
Translation: Please unstable

perfume 12
Dream description: for man: very pride; for women: pride and adultery

possess a perfume 68
Meaning: sad thoughts

mallow perfume 3
Translation of the dream: a delicate situation

receive perfume as a gift 7
Interpretation: promises to keep

perfume person 50
Sense of the dream: sentimental conquests

rare perfume 33
What does it mean: report harmful

perfume hair 73
Meaning of the dream: loss of friendship

put on perfume 58
Description: frivolous thoughts

manufacture a perfume 3
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

Gift of Perfume 51
Translation: reactions rash

vial of perfume 13
Dream description: friendship misleading

perfume the house 27
Meaning: fanciful dreams

give a glass 9
Translation of the dream: Coincidentally

glass of tin 52
Interpretation: opportunities curtailed

glass of iron 58
Sense of the dream: concerns for the future

large glass 43
What does it mean: magnanimous feelings

fill a glass 42
Meaning of the dream: wise security

flip a glass 20
Description: you are opposed to a decision

water glass 1
Interpretation of the dream: repentance useless

jasmine scent 2
Translation: requited love

give perfumes 21
Dream description: gain

glass of chalice 51
Meaning: vanity excessive

glass of wood 18
Translation of the dream: adaptability and optimism

empty glass 48
Interpretation: affections safe

smell the scent of tuberose 53
Sense of the dream: death in the family

break a glass 81
What does it mean: danger of scams

touch a glass 40
Meaning of the dream: dangerous temptation

scent linen 42
Description: little adherence to reality

glass of metal 52
Interpretation of the dream: Health unstable

lilac scent 61
Translation: memory of a love away

contemplated in a glass 54
Dream description: disillusion

impression of scent bergamot 54
Meaning: uselessness in your waiting

glass of land 83
Translation of the dream: excessive pride

drawer full 10
Interpretation: Hidden Dangers

shelf full 31
Sense of the dream: fleeting pleasures

jar full 5
What does it mean: lack of prudence

audience full 11
Meaning of the dream: important news

colored glass 44
Description: great imagination

full pool 52
Interpretation of the dream: excellent chance

replace a glass 80
Translation: great wisdom and prudence

opaque glass 88
Dream description: infatuation of short duration

wine in the glass 16
Meaning: Understanding family

glass of vermouth 33
Translation of the dream: states of malaise

glass with poison 37
Interpretation: disturbances and restlessness

saddlebag full 21
Sense of the dream: avarice

inkwell full 44
What does it mean: faithfulness in love

barn full 45
Meaning of the dream: abundance and wealth

box full 27
Description: foreign relations

suitcase full 23
Interpretation of the dream: optimism

tub full 60
Translation: threads to avoid

full refrigerator 27
Dream description: adversity, loss of neighbors of the man who holds it