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Fruit palm dead. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fruit palm dead. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

palm or palm tree 64
Meaning of the dream: distinguished honor dignity next

blessed palm 86
Description: promising business

Palm (dreamed Women) 11
Interpretation of the dream: will have children

palm of victory 4
Translation: businesses difficult

receive a palm 4
Dream description: honor

pigeon with palm 27
Meaning: friendships are strengthened

palm of the hand 1
Translation of the dream: honor, victory over their enemies

palm if a girl 28
Interpretation: It will soon married

walnut fruit 24
Sense of the dream: chatter and sorrows

distill fruit 1
What does it mean: experience helpful

crumple fruit 16
Meaning of the dream: good business

fruit spot 6
Description: pleasant news

donut fruit 76
Interpretation of the dream: Period of nervousness

palm branch 82
Translation: understanding for others

Palm tree 7
Dream description: joy and honor, inheritance from a distant relative

fruit press 65
Meaning: good cooperation

hunchback dead 67
Translation of the dream: love declaration

Date Palm 26
Interpretation: novelty from a trip

swallow dead 79
Sense of the dream: treachery

dry out fruit 34
What does it mean: momentary embarrassments

ambassador dead 24
Meaning of the dream: generous love

2 dead 2
Description: nearby enemies

herald dead 42
Interpretation of the dream: intimate concerns

gunner dead 67
Translation: prosperity

vulture dead 31
Dream description: concessions to do

conspired dead 87
Meaning: collapse of a love

goldfinch dead 47
Translation of the dream: disappointment passing

orphaned dead 77
Interpretation: agitation and anxiety

import fruit 63
Sense of the dream: considered judgments

cut fruit 68
What does it mean: new creative forces

order fruit 5
Meaning of the dream: difficult relationships

smuggler dead 6
Description: selfishness and greed

ostrich dead 81
Interpretation of the dream: waste of energy

archpriest dead 76
Translation: healthy fear

fruit garnet 62
Dream description: would you be strong and balanced

scrape fruit 8
Meaning: hypocrisy and ingratitude

weigh fruit 54
Translation of the dream: fighting spirit

Franciscan dead 60
Interpretation: stain on your soul

asphyxiated dead 75
Sense of the dream: contrasts to overcome

biting fruit 55
What does it mean: tact and diplomacy

financier dead 60
Meaning of the dream: conclusions expectations

buy fruit 77
Description: advantages secrets

octopus dead 48
Interpretation of the dream: penis and breaks

catch fruit 5
Translation: good earnings

pick fruit 20
Dream description: Peaceful Life

fruit seeker 44
Meaning: victory in a fight

seasonal fruit 75
Translation of the dream: inner security

fruit ripening 67
Interpretation: you must not make you miss important occasions

fruit spoils 82
Sense of the dream: sorrow and discord

hawk dead 38
What does it mean: lies and slander

English dead 20
Meaning of the dream: economic improvements

playing dead 56
Description: dark period

chicks dead 1
Interpretation of the dream: sorry for treason

mole dead 87
Translation: emotional instability

dead excavated 43
Dream description: letter good