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Fruit palm dead. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fruit palm dead. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

palm or palm tree 64
Meaning of the dream: distinguished honor dignity next

Date Palm 26
Description: novelty from a trip

blessed palm 86
Interpretation of the dream: promising business

Palm tree 7
Translation: joy and honor, inheritance from a distant relative

receive a palm 4
Dream description: honor

palm if a girl 28
Meaning: It will soon married

palm of the hand 1
Translation of the dream: honor, victory over their enemies

palm branch 82
Interpretation: understanding for others

pigeon with palm 27

palm of victory 4

palm grove 45
Meaning of the dream: you have the solution to all the problems that plague you

see or smell of a palm tree 3
Description: friendship, joy, prosperity, abundance and success in business

Palm (dreamed Women) 11
Interpretation of the dream: will have children

fruit 4
Translation: long life

plenty of fruit 2
Dream description: unfortunate speculation

crumple fruit 16
Meaning: good business

buy fruit 77
Translation of the dream: advantages secrets

bite fruit 10
Interpretation: slander

sliced ​​fruit 22
Sense of the dream: changes in life

moldy fruit 81
What does it mean: presumption punished

bowl with fruit 89
Meaning of the dream: lack of loyalty

fruit stand 62
Description: work poorly rewarded

fruit shop 62
Interpretation of the dream: work poorly rewarded

peel fruit 53
Translation: misgivings

basket of fruit 15
Dream description: favors granted

fruit candies 9
Meaning: new friendships

famine fruit 11
Translation of the dream: lightness and flightiness

canned fruit 8
Interpretation: ostentatious generosity

dry out fruit 34
Sense of the dream: momentary embarrassments

distill fruit 1
What does it mean: experience helpful

blend fruit 11
Meaning of the dream: new proposals

unripe fruit 41
Description: friendship poorly paid

fresh fruit 59
Interpretation of the dream: suffering constant

dried fruit 51
Translation: Health Concerns

fallen fruit 72
Dream description: presumption punished

fruit spoils 82
Meaning: sorrow and discord

fruit on the tree 66
Translation of the dream: inspired insights

fruit on the table 32
Interpretation: great imagination

catch fruit 5
Sense of the dream: good earnings

eat fruit 63
What does it mean: indifference

biting fruit 55
Meaning of the dream: tact and diplomacy

order fruit 5
Description: difficult relationships

hamper with fruit 15
Interpretation of the dream: favors granted

weigh fruit 54
Translation: fighting spirit

fruit press 65
Dream description: good cooperation

fruit pulp 14
Meaning: good health

pick fruit 20
Translation of the dream: Peaceful Life