Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

fox skin

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: fox skin

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11 fox skin
lack of reflection

21 fox
deceptions and facts uncovered

88 see the fox
deception female

33 fox fur

66 track fox
sacrifices to bear

9 golden fox
possibility of gains

4 silver fox
proposals flattering

40 fox on the run
victory over enemies

38 fox hunting
luck and well-being

2 flush the fox
malice and mischief

57 kill a fox
end of hostilities

54 capture fox
advances and protections

35 buy fox
physical exuberance

55 skin

45 seal skin
personal affirmation

38 bear skin
fickle temperament

10 human skin
impulsive actions

77 White skin
love happy

80 oily skin
lack of courage

33 dry skin
economic difficulties

37 wrinkled skin
valuable advice

11 animal skin

85 shave skin
happiness at home

54 reindeer skin
intrigues family

30 parched skin
suffering unstable

4 bind with skin

30 throw the skin

32 strip of skin
talk to Avoid

70 see the vein on the skin
new energy

17 bladder skin
issues to be resolved

66 tan skin or skins

5 feel pinch and itchy skin
you have gold and silver

59 Bulgarian (skin Bulgarian)
fortune in businesses

16 foxtail
deception by a woman

57 siskin (bird)
your life dissipated harms your reputation

53 goatskin
small waiver

39 wineskin with water
disloyalty of friends

47 wineskin with wine
recalling joyous

59 wineskin with liquor
sufferings of jealousy

15 wineskin empty
inconstancy in love

21 skinny calves
quarrels with family

1 animal skins

47 risking money
dangerous habits

11 salami skinny
moral fatigue

89 flush out foxes
industrious excessive

86 tramp asking food
sense of responsibility

21 foxes
wiles and tricks would of false friends