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Flame fire. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream flame fire. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

flame fire 34
Meaning of the dream: to avert danger

flame 20
Description: issues in family

flame of burning 5
Interpretation of the dream: successful business

light the flame 62
Translation: spirit of adventure

extinguish the flame 56
Dream description: contested goods

rekindle the flame 70
Meaning: Danger averted

Flame moon 26
Translation of the dream: hard times

big flame 6
Interpretation: embarrassments

small flame 20
Sense of the dream: chatter and sorrows

gas flame 32
What does it mean: freedom of decision

flame of light 80
Meaning of the dream: need for caution

flame hell 13
Description: bad omen

flame coal 61
Interpretation of the dream: overcoming of obstacles

Olympic flame 30
Translation: adventurous spirit

flame spirit 51
Dream description: needed a good deed

candle flame 46
Meaning: vacillating resolutions

swaying of the flame 29
Translation of the dream: successfully delayed

flame turn 88
Interpretation: disturbing thoughts

jet fire 26
Sense of the dream: confused

smoke fire 1
What does it mean: good relations

rain of fire 65
Meaning of the dream: confidential

Fire mouth 11
Description: pride and conceit

heat of fire 10
Interpretation of the dream: false hope

see fire 33
Translation: dangers to be avoided

fear of fire 37
Dream description: lack of objectivity

save someone from the fire 13
Meaning: luck in business

Fire cast 48
Translation of the dream: intolerance and nervousness

go into the fire 56
Interpretation: projects contrasted

taming fire 79
Sense of the dream: rectitude

saved by fire 19
What does it mean: financial prosperity

fire goods 20
Meaning of the dream: bad deals

fire day 46
Description: dangers to watch out

hot fire 89
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels among relatives

fire come out 12
Translation: lost assets

pot on the fire 52
Dream description: rectitude and honesty

fire springs 35
Meaning: you have something to clarify

tame a fire 24
Translation of the dream: stubbornness which leads to errors

fire at night 54
Interpretation: joy disturbed

light the fire 45
Sense of the dream: next fight

spit fire 56
What does it mean: dangerous risks

walking on fire 78
Meaning of the dream: Place shelter to an error

falling into the fire 41
Description: good resolutions

warmer with fire 24
Interpretation of the dream: tranquility and profits

rekindle the fire 42
Translation: definitive realization

grill fire 12
Dream description: misunderstandings and misconceptions

cauldron on the fire 50
Meaning: income from a business

fire in the fireplace 5
Translation of the dream: melancholy

fire goes out 32
Interpretation: economic difficulties

jump into the fire 41
Sense of the dream: jolt settling

stone fire 3
What does it mean: decisive meeting

ship fire 85
Meaning of the dream: self-doubt

turn off a fire 31
Description: good health

burning with fire 30
Interpretation of the dream: trouble coming

springs to poke the fire 2
Translation: envy

fire of hay 32
Dream description: clumsiness

dampen the fire 57
Meaning: Your future depends on very little

fire someone 43
Translation of the dream: cut ties with someone negative