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Fill the shelf. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream fill the shelf. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

fill the shelf 10
Meaning of the dream: momentary enthusiasm

shelf for dishes 33
Description: unexpected meeting

fill your suitcase 57
Interpretation of the dream: momentary happiness

shelf open 32
Translation: plenty of money

fill the basin 49
Dream description: overcoming of obstacles

shelf full 31
Meaning: fleeting pleasures

fill an aquarium 7
Translation of the dream: skulduggery

fill a barrel 26
Interpretation: affective inconstancy

Empty shelf 17
Sense of the dream: misunderstanding with employees

fill the tub 37
What does it mean: good chance

fill the vat 58
Meaning of the dream: useful exchange of ideas

shelf 36
Description: calm atmosphere

fill the dustbin 17
Interpretation of the dream: material aid

fill boiler 9

empty the shelf 40
Dream description: comfort from friends

fill 49
Meaning: honors

shelf with vases 37
Translation of the dream: chances of misunderstandings

shelf fell 16
Interpretation: misunderstandings in the family

shelf closed 14
Sense of the dream: confidences to keep secret

shelf pharmacy 7

fill the pipe 81
Meaning of the dream: good luck

fill a bag 24
Description: bad relationships

shelf of closet 78
Interpretation of the dream: letters traveling

fill a glass 42
Translation: wise security

fill a lot 4
Dream description: calculation

drugstore shelf 1

shelf with objects 23
Translation of the dream: physical renewal

fill to the brim 9
Interpretation: optimism

fill a tooth 15
Sense of the dream: grief and loss

fill a bottle 30
What does it mean: quiet character

fill of pasta 8

fill the salt shaker 85
Description: minded

fill tank 37
Interpretation of the dream: excellent chance

shelf with books 37
Translation: instinct of rebellion

fill out a card 14
Dream description: nervousness exaggerated

shelf with dishes 31
Meaning: judgments little goals

shelf with bottles 39
Translation of the dream: Perfect Health

fill of bread 87
Interpretation: spiritual maturity

shelf of the library 11
Sense of the dream: new interests

fill of fruit 26
What does it mean: exaggerated sentimentality

fill of wine 6
Meaning of the dream: exuberance and friendliness

shelf falling 80
Description: small obstacles

glass shelf 18
Interpretation of the dream: miscalculations

fill a sink 58
Translation: obstacles to be removed

Fill a bucket 65
Dream description: your emotional and financial situation will improve

metal shelf 73
Meaning: stubbornness and arrogance

fill of meat 44
Translation of the dream: strong critical sense

fill a need 34
Interpretation: money coming

wooden shelf 71
Sense of the dream: chance of success

shelf with glasses 14
What does it mean: happy moments

filling vessels 74

filling his mouth 11
Description: insecurity

fill up 14
Interpretation of the dream: kindness of friends

fill in 47
Translation: honors

line their pockets 63
Dream description: decisions to make

Typical Italian cake with custard cream filling 5

shelve hopes 12
Translation of the dream: economic security

shelve work 85
Interpretation: achievements difficult

fulfill a duty 40
Sense of the dream: letters and news

fulfill an assignment 28
What does it mean: impulses to dominate