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To explore. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream to explore. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to explore 52
Meaning of the dream: You want to escape from everyday life

Alpine exploring 21

exploit an opportunity 59
Interpretation of the dream: delayed trip

exploit a friend 17
Translation: surprise

exploit a woman 84
Dream description: painful disappointments

unearth treasures 47

exploit a person 48
Translation of the dream: risky business

unearth potatoes 38

unearth ancient things 70

trace a drawing 84
What does it mean: concessions to do

explorer injured 44
Meaning of the dream: challenges to overcome

locate friends 64
Description: momentary difficulties

explorer traveling 84
Interpretation of the dream: fear of the future

explorer died 48
Translation: duties to perform

explorer lost 5
Dream description: late news

watch for study 17
Meaning: lively temperament

detect fraud 47
Translation of the dream: you celebrate with your family

to accuse 90
Interpretation: restlessness and torment

groped assault 63
Sense of the dream: weak hopes

explorer 6
What does it mean: friends to watch out

girl studying 23
Meaning of the dream: beautiful prospects

studying languages 23
Description: false flattery

woman studying 47

aware of evil 59
Translation: swings of fortune

aware of the good 47
Dream description: supports useful

Fencing gloves 6

aware of its value 89
Translation of the dream: instability and inconstancy

compensate with money 7
Interpretation: dangerous follies

lone explorer 51
Sense of the dream: friends to watch out

to ask for a job 70
What does it mean: ability of judgment

teacher of fencing 28

to surrender to war 25

fencing with a grid 37
Interpretation of the dream: inopportune visits

address 71
Translation: projects favorable working

go to the airport to leave 66
Dream description: liberation from weights

fencing with a wall 46
Meaning: bad news

fencing with the foil 62
Translation of the dream: love letter

reveal 40
Interpretation: Company countered

tireless 60

reveal the facts of the other 43
What does it mean: friendship renewed

reconnoiter a place at night 4
Meaning of the dream: romance exaggerated

force you to say yes 64
Description: tendency to vice

to stand out for culture 15
Interpretation of the dream: to overcome prejudices

reconnoiter a place of day 23
Translation: malevolent criticism

wrong address 11

discovered lovers 46

know a scientist 67
Translation of the dream: clear thoughts

look up the address 64
Interpretation: you can not forget someone

change address 19
Sense of the dream: attitudes to be corrected

master for the sick to death 9
What does it mean: beautiful but littlebenefiting things

sealing wax 40
Meaning of the dream: susceptibility exaggerated

to train young people to work 72
Description: fruitful achievements

to wander from one place to another 80
Interpretation of the dream: search of truth

know a prince 36
Translation: encouraging hopes

fencing ground 73
Dream description: unreasonable fear

curb pride 31
Meaning: satisfaction after a discussion

give an address 8
Translation of the dream: vivid imagination

curb restlessness 52
Interpretation: unforeseen expenses

guessing cards 66

rein in car 6