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Exercise the eye. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning of the dream exercise the eye. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

exercise the eye 72
Meaning of the dream: inner resources

exercise an art 85
Description: presumption to overcome

exercise cruelty 1
Interpretation of the dream: sadness, discontent

exercise command 66
Translation: remarkable success in business

exercise 4
Dream description: remarkable success in business

exercise power 23
Meaning: compromises dangerous

losing an eye 24
Translation of the dream: legacy of more elderly relatives you

exercise of calligraphy 73
Interpretation: curiosity satisfied

spiritual exercise 51
Sense of the dream: expenses advantageous

splinter in the eye 2
What does it mean: very annoying problems

swaddle eye 65
Meaning of the dream: new initiatives

eye growing on head 36
Description: You lose sight

acuity of an eye 36
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles in work

receive a blow in the eye 43
Translation: someone obstructs your project

exercise bike 79
Dream description: next few problems at work

ulcer eye 4
Meaning: need for caution

eye gouging 16
Translation of the dream: you feel gratified at work

practice a profession 31
Interpretation: serious and lasting ties

get eye 82
Sense of the dream: dangerous distractions

needle with eye gold 26
What does it mean: changes in position

eye patch 43
Meaning of the dream: unexpected news

Cataract Eye 61
Description: attend to the affairs

eye operation 1
Interpretation of the dream: bad intentions

military exercise 15
Translation: the quiet old age

evil eye 78
Dream description: sudden problems

practice a sport 27
Meaning: good practical sense

eye socket 32
Translation of the dream: something bothers you

exercising at the gym 45
Interpretation: lasting ties

Sparkling Eye 33
Sense of the dream: superficial judgments

act as judge 17
What does it mean: boredom

line exercise book 53
Meaning of the dream: it pretty rough

do exercises at the barre 68
Description: dangerous temptations

make or receive a wink 35
Interpretation of the dream: complicity and understanding with someone close

out of practice 77
Translation: genuine friendships

undertake activities 8
Dream description: commitments to maintain

practise 49
Meaning: It is on the right path in life, in the right direction

peek 13
Translation of the dream: someone will offer assistance that better reject because concerned. possibility of blackmail

exercise book 16
Interpretation: you are not of strong character

gymnastic hurt 84
Sense of the dream: affectionate collaboration

biennium 45
What does it mean: you will be forced to flee, flee the country

lid 10
Meaning of the dream: you will be robbed

blinking 11
Description: Decision actions

eyewash 36
Interpretation of the dream: life long

wield a shield 81
Translation: emotional states

do gymnastics 4
Dream description: better to wait your own business

exerciser game 8
Meaning: unexpected gain

eyelashes 64
Translation of the dream: superficiality harmful

Pit eyes 76
Interpretation: triumph

eye pain 24
Sense of the dream: illness of a family member

eyed man dead 21
What does it mean: betrayal of friends

quick look 38
Meaning of the dream: agitated love life