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Approach a snake. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream approach a snake. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

approach a snake 66
Meaning of the dream: fulfillment in love

approach 4
Description: secret fears

approach someone 65
Interpretation of the dream: you ll have a new relationship

approach the window 34
Translation: little annoyances

approach the sidewalk 39
Dream description: good profits

approach by boat 17
Meaning: scarce possibilities

approach with the machine 7
Translation of the dream: unnecessary waiting

approach religion 68
Interpretation: tranquility of mind

approach a woman 74
Sense of the dream: Profits in business

approach by a person 16
What does it mean: honors

friendly approach 27

loving approach 43

approach to the cinema 10

approach to theater 27

approach of Christmas 82

approach of Easter 5

approach a person of high rank 27
Translation of the dream: honors

snake 84
Interpretation: enemies and ingratitude

see the snake 40
Sense of the dream: unrequited love

see snake 25
What does it mean: strong emotions

seeing him snake 24
Meaning of the dream: contrasts in love

kill the snake 55
Description: passion paid

snake boa 15
Interpretation of the dream: recognized expertise

approached by a snake 66
Translation: Fortunately for all activities

snake tail 3
Dream description: waste of money

of snake bite 70
Meaning: jealousy violent

scales of a snake 26
Translation of the dream: agreements to be screened

snake more heads 15
Interpretation: danger of seduction

big snake 44
Sense of the dream: deceptions hidden

snake small 86
What does it mean: restlessness

coiled snake 42
Meaning of the dream: ingratitude of a trusted person

snake whistling 40
Description: pride and ambition

snake bites 76
Interpretation of the dream: willingness stubborn

snake Room 59
Translation: great nervous tension

snake in the bed 77
Dream description: exuberance and impulsiveness

trample snake 17
Meaning: friendships insecure

being bitten by snake 80
Translation of the dream: gossip and slander

kill snake 62
Interpretation: victory over enemies

crawl a snake 26
Sense of the dream: infidelity

a poisonous snake 80
What does it mean: numerous obstacles

bring down a snake 45

snake that attacks 10

whistle snake 54

snake tongue 88

eva with snake 19

find snake in the bed 70
Meaning: a broken love

anaconda (water snake) 77
Translation of the dream: temptations

basilisk snake fabulous 34
Interpretation: various injuries

hydro (water snake) 7
Sense of the dream: ingratitude, next seduction

be approached by a high-ranking person 16
What does it mean: honor and profit

He is approached by a woman 47
Meaning of the dream: humiliation

approached by a thief 25
Description: successful projects

approached by a prince 16
Interpretation of the dream: honor and profit

snakes 79
Translation: People unfavorable

be approached by a thief 2
Dream description: your projects will be realized

be approached by a prince 16
Meaning: honor and profit

den of snakes 88
Translation of the dream: intrigues of enemies

fighting with snakes 55
Interpretation: punishing enemies

wave approaches 20
Sense of the dream: boredom

rattlesnake 8
What does it mean: ambiguous behavior

It is harassed by snakes 47
Meaning of the dream: charges of enemies

approaching the bar 4

approaching the convent 42

approaching the harbor 38

approaching the church 31

approaching the city 51

approaching the beach 25

approaching the road 46

approaching feast 49

snakebite 57