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Embrace a monkey. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream embrace a monkey. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

embrace a creditor 81
Meaning of the dream: fear

embrace a debtor 53
Description: security

embrace relatives 79
Interpretation of the dream: treachery

see kill a monkey 64
Translation: you must not use the hard way to win an enemy unintelligent

see owning a monkey 83
Dream description: mastered your feelings

embrace animal 35
Meaning: tries to focus more at work

see teasing a monkey 82
Translation of the dream: you think you re clever but you re not

see a monkey 8
Interpretation: a person makes fun

young monkey 51
Sense of the dream: emotional disturbances

dead monkey 64
What does it mean: interests in danger

embrace the virgin 4
Meaning of the dream: good luck

monkey 48
Description: lost confidence

monkey biting 8
Interpretation of the dream: inability to adapt

monkey playing 35
Translation: negotiating favorable

embrace a giraffe 87
Dream description: little attention from an important person

embrace an artist 66
Meaning: successful business

embrace friends 89
Translation of the dream: treachery

monkey in a cage 18
Interpretation: union of short duration

monkey eating 19
Sense of the dream: presumption and Lies

embrace one dead 65
What does it mean: health hazard

embrace a blind 54
Meaning of the dream: disillusion

balcony with monkey 62
Description: emotional disturbances

embrace a woman 40
Interpretation of the dream: injustice

embrace an old 67
Translation: concerns

monkey escapes 6
Dream description: Company nice

embrace the enemy 41
Meaning: fear vanished;

embrace reprehensible 19
Translation of the dream: false oaths

monkey old 37
Interpretation: circumstances of fortune

embrace parents 4
Sense of the dream: benefit

monkey tree 23
What does it mean: passing infatuation

monkey tail 57
Meaning of the dream: false flattery

monkey zoo 2
Description: tendency to intrigue

embrace friendly 50
Interpretation of the dream: unnecessary waivers

monkey face 4
Translation: susceptibility exaggerated

embrace your children 5
Dream description: news reserved

monkey with children 34
Meaning: happy hours

monkey dancing 53
Translation of the dream: infantilism pronounced

embrace a relative 60
Interpretation: ideas shot down

embrace the father 38
Sense of the dream: intentions essays

hug a stranger 90
What does it mean: next trip

embrace a sick 13
Meaning of the dream: Deception by friends

hug a friend 48
Description: novelty favorable

hug a grandchild 40
Interpretation of the dream: Escape from reality

hug a cheetah 84
Translation: need to protect and help someone

hug a priest 13
Dream description: consolation

hug your spouse 6
Meaning: undue reliance

to hug 58
Translation of the dream: need for affection

monkey bars 15
Interpretation: amorous passion

re-embrace a friend 33
Sense of the dream: disorderly actions

hug a relative 45
What does it mean: good organization

embrace between husband and wife 9
Meaning of the dream: exuberance and vitality

marmoset 8
Description: mischievous but weak enemies seek to put the brakes on

embracing a drunk 19
Interpretation of the dream: material loss

great ape 72
Translation: reckless actions

hugging children 47
Dream description: next novelty