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Elderly mad. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream elderly mad. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mad wife 17
Meaning of the dream: limited benefits

burr elderly 90
Description: Company nice

protect elderly 90
Interpretation of the dream: sudden loss

mad son 89
Translation: situations to be resolved

face a mad 19
Dream description: persecution

care for the elderly 78
Meaning: emotion and passion

appearance of elderly 80
Translation of the dream: easy money

marry again with elderly 61
Interpretation: difficult relationship

Women bedridden elderly 12
Sense of the dream: fear of not being understood

asylum for elderly 86
What does it mean: obstacles in the profession

Burr mad dog 66
Meaning of the dream: scandal caused by chatter

married to elderly 8
Description: misunderstanding between spouses

nursery for seniors 19
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant events in family

crazy dancing 81
Translation: you have to overcome your shyness

see an elderly person 42
Dream description: happiness

go crazy 3
Meaning: optimal health

tie crazy 44
Translation of the dream: You meet a long window of opportunity to your business

grinder crazy 7
Interpretation: You receive major aid

comrade crazy 45
Sense of the dream: need to escape

crazy for disease 4
What does it mean: great sadness

crazy in bed 40
Meaning of the dream: jangled nerves

crazy for fear 40
Description: optimal health

crazy for love 68
Interpretation of the dream: change in status

crazy for consolation 9
Translation: something bad will happen

converse with old people 63
Dream description: discouragement to overcome

fall in love with crazy 43
Meaning: programs to be reviewed

crazy for a loss 25
Translation of the dream: new perspectives

old men 22
Interpretation: clarity of ideas

crazy spinster 39
Sense of the dream: next wedding

crazy racing 19
What does it mean: contrasts passengers

the crazy woman 27
Meaning of the dream: birth of a child will gain celebrity

be crazy 14
Description: requited love

crazy man 88
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant ideas

dress an old man 6
Translation: minor glitches

Councilor crazy 42
Dream description: friendship in danger

crazy street 13
Meaning: talk out of envy

crazy business 78
Translation of the dream: waste of money

crazy hunter 66
Interpretation: treachery

Crazy tied 66
Sense of the dream: instant results

crazy screaming 42
What does it mean: exhibitionism counterproductive

crazy laughing 78
Meaning of the dream: projects to be postponed

crazy singing 26
Description: shyness to win

crazy locked up 67
Interpretation of the dream: economic concerns

kleptomaniac crazy 90
Translation: you have false friends

Hospital crazy 28
Dream description: joy disturbed

53 - Smorfia classic: older 53

crazy horse 62
Translation of the dream: fake friends

tie a madman 51
Interpretation: cunning and mischief

crazy furious 60
Sense of the dream: rupture of relations

madman who scandalizes 15
What does it mean: tough business

mutiny of crazy 67
Meaning of the dream: hatred irreducible

crazy suddenly 6
Description: restlessness to calm

crazy for bankruptcy 6
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity and good health