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Elderly guest. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream elderly guest. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

guest 29
Meaning of the dream: happiness at home

known guest 48
Description: predicament

welcome guest 83
Interpretation of the dream: sacrifices to be made

expected guest 85
Translation: lively intelligence

unexpected guest 90
Dream description: new post

unknown guest 36
Meaning: significant personal benefits

unwelcome guest 15
Translation of the dream: sympathy and agreement

guest who knocks at the door 80
Interpretation: moderate temperament

see an elderly person 42
Sense of the dream: happiness

appearance of elderly 80

care for the elderly 78

burr elderly 90

protect elderly 90

asylum for elderly 86

married to elderly 8

marry again with elderly 61

89 - Smorfia classic: elderly lady 89

porter who argues 20
Interpretation: unfounded fears

to guess 44
Sense of the dream: illusions vanished

guess the future 52
What does it mean: illusions vanished

guess a number 84
Meaning of the dream: errors impatience

guess a rebus 11
Description: inviting occasion

guess a riddle 9
Interpretation of the dream: malevolent criticism

guess the lottery numbers 28
Translation: unnecessary expenses

guess the thoughts of others 4
Dream description: misunderstandings with coworkers

welcome guests 44
Meaning: hard times

Portuguese 79
Translation of the dream: good news from afar

rivalry between colleagues 78
Interpretation: period of no confidence

elder 86
Sense of the dream: ill passenger that passes without a trace

elder flowered 60
What does it mean: tendency to pessimism

plant a elder 53
Meaning of the dream: contrasts with collaborators

see an elder 70
Description: critically

elder leaves 44
Interpretation of the dream: diplomacy and cunning

elderberry liqueur 8
Translation: sadness and loneliness

infusion of elderberry 29
Dream description: Good news

elders assistance 67

hazard a guess 7

elder knight 78

guesthouse 62

pity by an Elder 15

guessing cards 66

guessing numbers 70
Description: you're too busy

guess the thought 84

guessing game 46

envy among colleagues 17

working with colleagues 87

Portuguese flag 8

fray colleagues 86

character of the Portuguese press 8

discord among colleagues 67

Portuguese fleet 64

Portuguese tourists 73