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Dress lying. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dress lying. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dress 35
Meaning of the dream: protection security

sew a dress 31
Description: suspects

ordering a dress 16
Interpretation of the dream: interesting discoveries

enlarge a dress 38
Translation: realism in speech

adjust a dress 73
Dream description: discovery of enmity

touch a dress 5
Meaning: contrasts in the work

new dress 29
Translation of the dream: concerns about the money

wide dress 84
Interpretation: good health

throw a dress 44
Sense of the dream: danger

try a dress 20
What does it mean: shyness and discretion

baste a dress 85
Meaning of the dream: hostility harmful

turn a dress 32
Description: confidentiality and prudence

wash a dress 42
Interpretation of the dream: success

measure a dress 14
Translation: susceptibility and selfishness

ironing a dress 37
Dream description: overconfidence

explain a dress 28
Meaning: false flattery

lying to loved one 87
Translation of the dream: contrasts surmountable

tight dress 66
Interpretation: physical discomfort

muddy dress 28
Sense of the dream: slander and gossip

white dress 20
What does it mean: joys and desires

Pleated dress 15
Meaning of the dream: little annoyances

finish a dress 16
Description: misunderstandings in family

ragged dress 17
Interpretation of the dream: bad reputation

embroidered dress 63
Translation: tranquility in the family

woman lying 73
Dream description: lack of diplomacy

red dress 48
Meaning: security

crease dress 26
Translation of the dream: Strange Adventures

refined dress 84
Interpretation: sorrows by children

remove stains a dress 59
Sense of the dream: lovable character

dress worn 2
What does it mean: ambition fulfilled

flashy dress 4
Meaning of the dream: wills

stripe dress 11
Description: if you are married your marriage in danger

wedding dress or bridal dress 80
Interpretation of the dream: flattery

perfuming dress 28
Translation: good social position

dress occasion 26
Dream description: wisdom and prudence

tear a dress 7
Meaning: lack of commitment

get the dress 18
Translation of the dream: unexpected solution

hang a dress 66
Interpretation: disappointment

elegant dress 61
Sense of the dream: tough win

rent a dress 1
What does it mean: protection granted

flapper dress 25
Meaning of the dream: hopes for the future

lining dress 6
Description: arrival of a decisive help

unbutton her dress 60
Interpretation of the dream: thirst for freedom

take off her dress 9
Translation: Discussions with family

give a dress 4
Dream description: clarity of ideas

flour dress 19
Meaning: lack of prestige

black dress 73
Translation of the dream: sorrows

young girl lying 48
Interpretation: amorous desires

baby dress 13
Sense of the dream: Late repentance

strap on dress 8
What does it mean: clear days

mourning dress 73
Meaning of the dream: unjust accusations

a green dress 71
Description: laborious negotiations

servant's dress 27
Interpretation of the dream: plots of women

add the pieces of a dress 88
Translation: abrupt disappointment

carnival dress 8
Dream description: falsehood

edlings to the dress 7
Meaning: family well-behaved

stain on the dress 37
Translation of the dream: discouragement and punishment