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Down a plane. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream down a plane. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

down a plane 37
Meaning of the dream: need to have more freedom

turning on a plane 78
Description: sudden discovery

to break down 37
Interpretation of the dream: your wealth will decrease

sleep on the plane 8
Translation: waste of money

bombard a plane 15
Dream description: indirect benefits

hostess in plane 56
Meaning: you have to talk at all costs

get up on plane 8
Translation of the dream: new hope

jump from the plane 26
Interpretation: great misfortune and sadness

arrival of a plane 8
Sense of the dream: you ll ruin with your own hands

Man in plane 2
What does it mean: excellent directives

down a flight of steps 35
Meaning of the dream: loss of prestige

falling from a plane 63
Description: opportunity to be seized immediately

see plane 65
Interpretation of the dream: good health

reserve a seat on the plane 60
Translation: good organization

down from a tower 44
Dream description: tough business

hangar with plane 71
Meaning: strong will

send core down 49
Translation of the dream: accept unreservedly the one you love

be on a straight path and plane 19
Interpretation: joy, prosperity and success

down a slope 14
Sense of the dream: you ll get all kinds of facilitation

plane disaster 81
What does it mean: squabbles interest

leafy plane 47
Meaning of the dream: confident expectation

down flat 3
Description: need to break

down from a tree 18
Interpretation of the dream: premature confidences

Democrat plane 28
Translation: limited needs

down by a bus 84
Dream description: lies devious and harmful

plane high 70
Meaning: good friendships

Starting plane 16
Translation of the dream: legitimate aspirations

plane wing 42
Interpretation: enthusiasm shared

pulled down 54
Sense of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

to go by plane 21
What does it mean: would you run away from something

propeller plane 27
Meaning of the dream: Earnings neighbors

come down from a rock 29
Description: Company uncertain

Plane with injured 7
Interpretation of the dream: new events

the step down 42
Translation: slander

guiding plane 42
Dream description: repentance

down the stairs 3
Meaning: excruciating pains

plane Tips 69
Translation of the dream: you're hiding from something

maneuver plane 77
Interpretation: short term success

Colonel plane 80
Sense of the dream: get rid of a burden

jet plane 48
What does it mean: fast solutions in business

down the ramp 9
Meaning of the dream: problems to be solved

roll down stairs 22
Description: mild illness

put your hands down 5
Interpretation of the dream: fatality

hijacked plane 17
Translation: pride punished

fall down a flight 80
Dream description: projects that fail

bring down a snake 45
Meaning: poverty, misery dreadful

plane grapeshot 71
Translation of the dream: boredom and loneliness

go down a river 9
Interpretation: income from a business

down from a pedestal 49
Sense of the dream: numerous reports

Arriving by plane 33
What does it mean: novelty good