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Man in plane. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream Man in plane. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Man in plane 2
Meaning of the dream: excellent directives

hostess in plane 56
Description: you have to talk at all costs

man 6
Interpretation of the dream: your looks aggressive or competitive

man in theater 61
Translation: dangerous friendships

sleep on the plane 8
Dream description: waste of money

drinking man 81
Meaning: affections safe

Man in car 76
Translation of the dream: reckless conduct

haughty man 48
Interpretation: new knowledge

good man 39
Sense of the dream: Revenge of jealousy

inhuman man 6
What does it mean: urgent business

industrious man 60
Meaning of the dream: happy solutions

man softened 12
Description: loss of property

man submissive 19
Interpretation of the dream: commitments to return

man scandalous 40
Translation: compromising situation

hunchback man 34
Dream description: Luckily the game

bad man 31
Meaning: lack of generosity

whistle man 66
Translation of the dream: projects not to return

man saddened 48
Interpretation: trouble from work

man puffing 33
Sense of the dream: courage and firmness

blind man 13
What does it mean: inner restlessness

man swimming 59
Meaning of the dream: duties to perform

man sleeping 32
Description: disease passing

stretcher man 44
Interpretation of the dream: thorny problems with relatives

sling man 75
Translation: Friends will help you in the coming days

man in bathrobe 79
Dream description: You have a useless fear

linen man 35
Meaning: excessive pride

man burned 71
Translation of the dream: impediments passengers

man reading 22
Interpretation: serenity of spirit

man fights 65
Sense of the dream: disorderly actions

stressed man 14
What does it mean: you feel nervous

man in a carriage 74
Meaning of the dream: exceptional strength

Ridiculous Man 16
Description: lightness and flightiness

man in tram 81
Interpretation of the dream: original views

Man in mountain 35
Translation: affections safe

man in jail 9
Dream description: inner insecurity

man calm 90
Meaning: poor health

singer man 14
Translation of the dream: insincere friendship

refined man 16
Interpretation: ambitious desires

healthy man 17
Sense of the dream: bright future

reckless man 74
What does it mean: changes uncertain

stupid man 68
Meaning of the dream: lack of objectivity

scrupulous man 59
Description: Work serene

strict man 70
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties ironed out

man messy 16
Translation: new labor contracts

deaf man 10
Dream description: secret to keep

poor man 17
Meaning: excessive lavishness

Man upset 19
Translation of the dream: successful deal

man in boat 47
Interpretation: intense activity

football man 88
Sense of the dream: diseases avoided

Man Liver 69
What does it mean: pride and intransigence

Falling Man 56
Meaning of the dream: slight damage

man lying 20
Description: period of physical fogging

dressed man 27
Interpretation of the dream: News coming soon

man eating 44
Translation: physical strength

man singing 3
Dream description: perseverance and submission