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Dove nose. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dove nose. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dove on the roof 47
Meaning of the dream: happiness innocent

dove on a tree 68
Description: good wishes

dove in a cage 57
Interpretation of the dream: loving relationship countered

dove in the nest 10
Translation: Fortunately for the home

dove 20
Dream description: lucky in love

dove flying 26
Meaning: waste of money

dove sick 21
Translation of the dream: suffering from injustice

wounded dove 4
Interpretation: Work nagging

Dove flirting 8
Sense of the dream: you feel rejected by the female world

dove eating 32
What does it mean: misunderstandings and gossip

dove cooing 5
Meaning of the dream: joys sentimental

dove making the nest 72
Description: joy in love

have a dove 9
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation in love

Dove drinking 35
Translation: Secrets Revealed

Easter dove 30
Dream description: new relationships

kill the dove 6
Meaning: extortion of money

dove hatch 68
Translation of the dream: concerns passing

white pigeon 6
Interpretation: consolation, devotion, happy successful business undertaken for a purpose commendable

dove wound 35
Sense of the dream: treachery

dead dove 33
What does it mean: projects that go awry

pigeon on the sown 7
Meaning of the dream: nervousness and intolerance

dry nose 71
Description: prudence in the reactions

nose dirty 86
Interpretation of the dream: new creative energy

running nose 30
Translation: stormy relationships

itchy nose 58
Dream description: confidentiality and reflection

bleeding from the nose 15
Meaning: work to tackle

twist the nose 70
Translation of the dream: confused

pigeon with palm 27
Interpretation: friendships are strengthened

tingling in the nose 58
Sense of the dream: confidentiality and reflection

clean the nose 4
What does it mean: important protection

burns the nose 37
Meaning of the dream: Dangerous distractions

swollen nose 3
Description: tips to follow

wen in the nose 47
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts of love

punch on the nose 56
Translation: negative surprises

amputate the nose 25
Dream description: defeat enemies

freezing nose 56
Meaning: originality of views

curl nose 46
Translation of the dream: next marital separation

cavity in the nose 38
Interpretation: unexpected surprise

drain on the nose 14
Sense of the dream: shame

mucus from the nose 43
What does it mean: embarrassments or you do not feel at ease

nose 16
Meaning of the dream: undeserved insults, poverty

turtledove 63
Description: enmities

Red nose 15
Interpretation of the dream: maturation of projects

flat nose 85
Translation: terms not maintained

tip of the nose 18
Dream description: Health Concerns

big nose 16
Meaning: charm and good relations

aquiline nose 14
Translation of the dream: loss of documents

blow your nose 81
Interpretation: incompatibility of character

scratch his nose 8
Sense of the dream: wishes

nasal voice 47
What does it mean: absurd claims

long nose 40
Meaning of the dream: too impulsive actions

wood pigeon 83
Description: sad period

handkerchief for the nose 74
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows, troubles

pigeon pecking 10
Translation: imaginative ideas