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Do the apothecary. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream do the apothecary. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

do the apothecary 4

apothecary 1
Description: usurer, dishonest man

do poem 36
Interpretation of the dream: life force

do the moneylender 59
Translation: interests in danger

do the grocer 5
Dream description: good business

do embroidery 18
Meaning: joy without profit

do a cheer 21
Translation of the dream: dangers

do Eggnog 23
Interpretation: wellness and health

do chamomile 31
Sense of the dream: be patient

do the dedication 18
What does it mean: new initiatives

do the clown 49
Meaning of the dream: superficiality of relationships

do the repair 2
Description: backbiting colleagues

do a headset 87
Interpretation of the dream: solid friendships

do stockings 14
Translation: success in love

do somersaults 9
Dream description: next business

do condolences 2
Meaning: unhappiness for love

do penance 18
Translation of the dream: good social position

do the rebuke 83
Interpretation: waste of energy

do anteroom 17
Sense of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

do knight 12
What does it mean: unexpected revelations

nastiness do 85
Meaning of the dream: unexpressed feelings

do a fashion show 15
Description: you want to be the center of attention

do the watchmaker 20

do a duel 8
Translation: health hazard

do relations 25
Dream description: constant friendship

do the goldsmith 75

do the servant 80
Translation of the dream: Fears for the future

do the pimp 49

do the moneylender as a profession 5
Sense of the dream: pain ruin

do version 57
What does it mean: love life happy

do the callus 17
Meaning of the dream: ticklish situation

do sculpture 61
Description: projects to be postponed

do other embassy 67
Interpretation of the dream: hard work

do a visit 72
Translation: to avoid impulsive actions

do feather pillows 81
Dream description: irreconcilable conflict

do a haystack 31
Meaning: tranquility and profits

do bunches of buttercups 12
Translation of the dream: constancy in the affections

do congratulations 4
Interpretation: you envious

to do well 11

maturity do the exam 47
What does it mean: do not consider yourself to the occasion

blessings do 38
Meaning of the dream: contentment

To do a favour 49
Description: easy conquests

do to tie the knot 38
Interpretation of the dream: disease passing

do the fine 16
Translation: weakness of character

do injury 17
Dream description: dangers

do charity 51
Meaning: you have some economic difficulties

foil do 10

do quarantine 20
Interpretation: great melancholy

do medicine 73
Sense of the dream: illness, loss of money

see or do a puppet 77
What does it mean: snares of woman

do the tickling 1
Meaning of the dream: disease

do knavery 31
Description: defend your honor

impertinence to do 18

do or see a black pudding 4
Translation: satisfaction

do advertising 11
Dream description: discord with friends

To do an experiment 9
Meaning: sorrows and pains

do the printer 6
Translation of the dream: you believe you haven't been clear with people

do an outrage 16
Interpretation: hatred dormant