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Discover wife. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream discover wife. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

discover 89
Meaning of the dream: lack of flexibility

discover lie 75
Description: lack of flexibility

discover smuggling 32
Interpretation of the dream: lack of discipline

discover pleasant 59
Translation: dreams that fade away

discover a conspiracy 8
Dream description: well-founded trust

discover a crime 26
Meaning: vain hopes

discover a hiding 12
Translation of the dream: excessive generosity

discover a truth 43
Interpretation: sensitivity of mind

discover a person 36
Sense of the dream: end of a concern

discover a monument 81
What does it mean: vanity excessive

discover a treason 63
Meaning of the dream: fair play

discover a treasure 10
Description: willingness tenacious

discover the lair 66
Interpretation of the dream: fight for the job

take a wife 81
Translation: fulfillment of their wishes

get away from his wife 69
Dream description: tenacious fighting spirit

have a wife 7
Meaning: interests to care

please his wife 7
Translation of the dream: obstinacy dangerous

own wife 47
Interpretation: financial worries

duped wife 86
Sense of the dream: next pleasure

stroking wife 54
What does it mean: difficulty

accuse wife 34
Meaning of the dream: disease

wrangle with his wife 18
Description: sympathies paid

killing his wife 81
Interpretation of the dream: suspects in love

caress his wife 32
Translation: confusing situation

dinner with his wife 5
Dream description: experiences dubious

call his wife 6
Meaning: careful with money

condescension toward his wife 62
Translation of the dream: social position compromised

confide in his wife 23
Interpretation: pessimism and laziness

counsel with his wife 21
Sense of the dream: painful work

console the wife 57
What does it mean: slander of women

converse with his wife 62
Meaning of the dream: missed appointment

lay with his wife 90
Description: serenity and joy

his wife cruel 56
Interpretation of the dream: slander and gossip

defame his wife 81
Translation: thwarted love

see or talk to wife 17
Dream description: a lot of activity in your business

trust wife 74
Meaning: intimate aspirations

justified by his wife 58
Translation of the dream: difficult character

meet with his wife 77
Interpretation: discussions pointless

deceive his wife 53
Sense of the dream: boredom and loneliness

seize a wife 81
What does it mean: fulfillment of their wishes

his wife naked 25
Meaning of the dream: deception

reconciled with his wife 72
Description: momentary concerns

suppress wife 81
Interpretation of the dream: unfounded suspicions

suspect's wife 6
Translation: excessive impulsiveness

replace his wife 11
Dream description: very well paid job

spy on his wife 89
Meaning: trouble passing

scramble wife 77
Translation of the dream: Misconceptions