Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

leave the wife or husband

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: leave the wife or husband

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41 leave the wife or husband

3 take leave
loyalty to a friend

59 leave use
steadfastness of purpose

30 leave alone
Unexpected help

73 leave
success in business and labor

14 to leave
better to be firm in their intent, which will be victorious

27 husband

30 leave parents

10 leave the house

44 leave work
pleasant events in family

15 take leave from superiors

66 go to the airport to leave
liberation from weights

76 leave the table

34 leave the church
delays and impediments

6 leave-taking
financial mess

78 leave of children
rupture of relations

16 leave of relatives
next happiness

58 leave the family
economic difficulties

3 pretend to leave
frequent contact

18 leave an intrigue
forebodings fallacious

16 military goes on leave
good luck

17 see their family leave
Discussions with serious consequences

65 leave the warehouse
missed appointment

70 leave in pledge
unexpected help

76 leave the housing
waiting impatiently

14 leave the rest
passion contrasted

49 leave the shelter
reactions proud

30 swallows that leave
trip likely

52 leave the sanatorium
promises sentimental

64 soldiers on leave
contrasts with young people

18 leave the hospital
slow progress

87 leave prison
secret fears

31 leave the theater
uncontrolled actions

71 leave for adventure
joy and happiness

43 leave the university
you do not trust yourself

72 duped her husband

33 fondle her husband
Safety in love

24 accusing her husband

27 wrangle with her husband
perseverance in love

7 kill husband
impressionability exaggerated

46 dinner with her husband
threads to avoid

19 call her husband
lasting impressions

77 condescension towards her husband
unhappy love

36 confide in her husband
ability to adapt

9 counsel with the husband
private life difficult

21 console the husband
projects that fade

53 conversing with her husband
conciliatory character

32 her husband cruel
tranquility and profits

18 defame her husband
knowledge ambiguous

65 trust husband
Intent achieved

49 justified by her husband
disappointing experiences

46 meet with her husband
decisions to make

66 deceive her husband
displeasure family

6 husband for a woman
You wish to be guided

70 reconciled with her husband
tricky situation

7 suppress her husband

9 suspect of her husband
secret relationship

62 replace her husband
impediment short

15 spying on her husband
storm in family

62 scramble husband
awakening of energy

22 wake her husband
new ideas

82 betray her husband
unfounded fears

23 neglecting her husband
capacity for endurance

84 kill her husband

65 humiliate her husband
unpleasant surprises

17 avenge her husband
mishaps of short duration

77 supervise her husband
conflicting ideas

36 leave the mental hospital
melancholy of the past

81 take a wife
fulfillment of their wishes

7 husband of a woman a man
you have an opponent in love