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Dirty feet of sand. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dirty feet of sand. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sand 26
Meaning of the dream: joy

amassing sand 79
Description: self-love

lime with sand 12
Interpretation of the dream: obstacles to overcome

step on sand 15
Translation: unsafe situation

sand paper 29
Dream description: troubling events

hourglass (sand) 20
Meaning: advice to give

grain of sand 12
Translation of the dream: unstable situation

bagging sand 78
Interpretation: dangerous illusions

amount of sand 49
Sense of the dream: dreams that fade

sea ​​sand 39
What does it mean: influential support

river sand 61
Meaning of the dream: penis moral

desert sand 62
Description: unjustified mistrust

red sand 78
Interpretation of the dream: new horizons

black sand 63
Translation: anger and tears

broadcast sand 20
Dream description: Economic instability

lie down on the sand 5
Meaning: interests to defend

walking on the sand 30
Translation of the dream: suspicion and jealousy

build on sand 19
Interpretation: contrasts to overcome

sink into the sand 26
Sense of the dream: looming danger

of sand quarry 14

basin with sand 43

channel with sand 76

sand dunes 51
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties at work

sand Hot Tin 17
Translation: obligations urgent

rectangle engraved in the sand or earth 18
Dream description: meetings with influential people

feet 3
Meaning: next a trip or the departure of a few family

have many feet 2
Translation of the dream: good wishes

burn your feet 25
Interpretation: protections required

burning at the feet 37
Sense of the dream: new openings in business

stomp your feet 74
What does it mean: risk of theft

freezing at the feet 80
Meaning of the dream: changes in position

feet finger 6
Description: happy union

freeze your feet 35
Interpretation of the dream: bad success of a deal

chilblains on feet 45
Translation: important meeting

stepping on someone's feet 19
Dream description: squabbles interest

feet of woman 41
Meaning: trip thwarted

feet of man 53
Translation of the dream: favorite trip

swollen feet 86
Interpretation: mental laziness

cold feet 18
Sense of the dream: health recovery

feet with calluses 81
What does it mean: failure to repair

point your feet 8
Meaning of the dream: necessary adjustments

feet kiss those of other 3
Description: you will regret, confession humiliating behavior change

feet of birds 70
Interpretation of the dream: good friends

see the feet of their children 5
Translation: you will have great sorrows

feet cut 20
Dream description: infirmity short

cool feet 20
Meaning: profit slow