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Dead dirty feet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead dirty feet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

burned feet 25
Meaning of the dream: excessive ambitions

cool feet 20
Description: profit slow

warm feet 9
Interpretation of the dream: indifference to others

feet cut 20
Translation: infirmity short

feet finger 6
Dream description: happy union

feet with calluses 81
Meaning: failure to repair

swollen feet 86
Translation of the dream: mental laziness

dirty gloves 14
Interpretation: gossip to avoid

feet hurt 90
Sense of the dream: adventures difficult

feet 3
What does it mean: next a trip or the departure of a few family

dirty fingers 84
Meaning of the dream: dangerous waste of money

meet dead 90
Description: happy solutions

Stake feet 32
Interpretation of the dream: argument and discussion

feet kiss those of other 3
Translation: you will regret, confession humiliating behavior change

dead deer 40
Dream description: unexpected aid

dirty sheets 68
Meaning: critic situation

dirty rags 12
Translation of the dream: question to be resolved

arms dirty 75
Interpretation: imprudence in acting

burn your feet 25
Sense of the dream: protections required

put your feet 8
What does it mean: minded

cover your feet 21
Meaning of the dream: vanity satisfied

rub your feet 71
Description: favorable relations

point your feet 8
Interpretation of the dream: necessary adjustments

freeze your feet 35
Translation: bad success of a deal

dresses dead 73
Dream description: sad omen for future days

feet of woman 41
Meaning: trip thwarted

cold feet 18
Translation of the dream: health recovery

chicks dead 1
Interpretation: sorry for treason

feet lame or deformed 19
Sense of the dream: infirmity

hugs dead 17
What does it mean: happiness in love

beat your feet 11
Meaning of the dream: indomitable character

feet of man 53
Description: favorite trip

dead grandparents 70
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous business

have many feet 2
Translation: good wishes

scuff your feet 76
Dream description: embarrassment of choice

proletarian dead 80
Meaning: persecution from which you ll come out well despite little hope

gunner dead 67
Translation of the dream: prosperity

vulture dead 31
Interpretation: concessions to do

conspired dead 87
Sense of the dream: collapse of a love

stepping on someone's feet 19
What does it mean: squabbles interest

pity dead 48
Meaning of the dream: Late awards

goldfinch dead 47
Description: disappointment passing

garland dead 16
Interpretation of the dream: family trouble

orphaned dead 77
Translation: agitation and anxiety

stomp your feet 74
Dream description: risk of theft

smuggler dead 6
Meaning: selfishness and greed

ostrich dead 81
Translation of the dream: waste of energy

cur dead 26
Interpretation: end of a concern

Alpine dead 22
Sense of the dream: embarrassment in the family

mullet dead 90
What does it mean: gossip and rumors

shank dead 53
Meaning of the dream: diseases

archpriest dead 76
Description: healthy fear

Commodore dead 49
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant novelty

halberdier dead 45
Translation: small ailment

capon dead 48
Dream description: agitated life

missal dead 22
Meaning: considerable losses

dodger dead 32
Translation of the dream: overcome differences

dead rats 38
Interpretation: explaining to do

smell the hands or feet 51
Sense of the dream: hint of madness