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Despair for abandonment. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream despair for abandonment. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

despair for loss 31
Meaning of the dream: no meeting tomorrow

despair 90
Description: awaits a better future

despair for love 57
Interpretation of the dream: particular success

despair for death 25
Translation: generous altruism

despair by misery 65
Dream description: need for discipline

despair jealousy 40
Meaning: unwillingness

abandonment of husband 13
Translation of the dream: sadness and anxiety

kill despair 77
Interpretation: new openings in business

despair to heal 68
Sense of the dream: overwork and unnerving

Perhaps despair 75
What does it mean: speeches alarming

abandonment of swag 3
Meaning of the dream: indecision and reticence

abandonment of the great 37
Description: joyfulness

abandonment of bicycle 13
Interpretation of the dream: sadness

hanged himself in despair 7
Translation: prosperity

dog abandonment 20
Dream description: economic improvements

abandonment of kin 51
Meaning: a dishonest will be presented in a misleading way

Working abandonment 23
Translation of the dream: great ideas

cat abandonment 81
Interpretation: seductive promises

horse abandonment 37
Sense of the dream: dangerous business

abandonment of corpse 5
What does it mean: dream come true

abandonment of wife 64
Meaning of the dream: false information

abandonment of guide 78
Description: You are facing a change

cries of despair 7
Interpretation of the dream: joys in love

exclamation of despair 6
Translation: better future

abandon an animal 6
Dream description: misfortunes

abandon 60
Meaning: insincerity, treachery of a friend

neglect of parents 4
Translation of the dream: economic concerns

disappointment for a result 66
Interpretation: dispersive activities

surrender 31
Sense of the dream: false friends surround you

disappointment from work 14
What does it mean: suspicions unjust

abandoning the newborn 27
Meaning of the dream: not overshadow all that really matters

disappointment in friendship 61
Description: inconstant love

abandoned car 21
Interpretation of the dream: your marriage is in danger

truck abandoned 11
Translation: calm character

disappointment to children 88
Dream description: family quarrels

abandon friends 7
Meaning: intrigues

abandon brothers 62
Translation of the dream: satisfaction by a young

abandon relatives 84
Interpretation: desire to dominate

Animal neglect 52
Sense of the dream: you could avoid the grief

abandon his daughter 35
What does it mean: dangerous business

It is abandoned by large 55
Meaning of the dream: consolation, successful

abandon an object 2
Description: godsend

dismay an error 56
Interpretation of the dream: unmet expectations

abandon their homeland 85
Translation: loss of friends

fantasy abandon you 20
Dream description: too much to chance

It is abandoned by important men 2
Meaning: joyfulness

crazy for disease 4
Translation of the dream: great sadness

weep for disease 49
Interpretation: great volubility

killing for disease 74
Sense of the dream: statement of their views

waver for illness 17
What does it mean: encouraging news

watch for disease 59
Meaning of the dream: indecision and skepticism

crazy for bankruptcy 6
Description: prosperity and good health