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Deceased grandmother in procession. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream deceased grandmother in procession. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Abbot in procession 39
Meaning of the dream: crucial meeting

monk in procession 12
Description: good intentions secret

Cardinal in procession 90
Interpretation of the dream: new experiences

Bishop in procession 77
Translation: calm and serenity

madonna in procession 38
Dream description: proposals that are successful

Jesuit in procession 7
Meaning: quarrels at work

priest in procession 79
Translation of the dream: lasting success

halberdier in procession 1
Interpretation: caution

go in procession 59
Sense of the dream: lasting bonds

parish priest in procession 79
What does it mean: positive success

dead grandmother 33
Meaning of the dream: good omens

crowd in procession 36
Description: annoying intrusions

religious in procession 79
Interpretation of the dream: personal achievements

Pope in procession 16
Translation: Achieving a popular destination

Capuchin friar in a procession 36
Dream description: Danger averted

procession 55
Meaning: honor, joy

paternal grandmother 18
Translation of the dream: problems at work

procession to church 31
Interpretation: deep understanding sentimental

prohibit a procession 89
Sense of the dream: confusion of ideas

look like the grandmother 82
What does it mean: carried providential

Eucharistic procession 90
Meaning of the dream: reconciliation with a loved one

procession in the street 59
Description: surprise and news

religious procession 22
Interpretation of the dream: disappointment in love

maternal grandmother 6
Translation: Ensure that someone would want to cheat you

grandfather or grandmother 50
Dream description: need sacraments

royal procession 46
Meaning: cheerfulness

baptismal procession 40
Translation of the dream: satisfaction and profits

wedding procession 44
Interpretation: hard fight

torchlight procession 49
Sense of the dream: intuition

great grandmother or great-grandfather 52
What does it mean: Peace of mind

be in the parade 26
Meaning of the dream: complex to be overcome

funeral procession 83
Description: a firm resolve

political parade 9
Interpretation of the dream: ties secrets

deceased 10
Translation: good omen

grandparents 79
Dream description: wisdom

crown for deceased 12
Meaning: exchange of courtesies

honor a deceased 19
Translation of the dream: better times

altercation with the deceased 29
Interpretation: favors from a woman

deceased welldressed 66
Sense of the dream: there is a concern for the health of a family member

dead sister 27
What does it mean: Good news and novelties

See dead mother 47
Meaning of the dream: increase of consideration

great aunt 54
Description: small problems

give novelty 28
Interpretation of the dream: to clarify misunderstandings

giving birth to a dead 66
Translation: new friends

novelty welcome 19
Dream description: projects impossible to achieve

dead grandparents 70
Meaning: dangerous business

wait novelty 31
Translation of the dream: programs to change

receive novelty 12
Interpretation: rewarding profession

novelty unwelcome 60
Sense of the dream: mishap travel

see a dead person's own family 31
What does it mean: your life will be long

novelty worrying 84
Meaning of the dream: hostility of colleagues

currying grandparents 82
Description: good business

scuttle or bury a dead 58
Interpretation of the dream: News coming soon