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Decadent noble villa. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream decadent noble villa. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

empty villa 5
Meaning of the dream: aid to give

villa in the city 10
Description: aid materials coming

villa of the nineteenth 20
Interpretation of the dream: next joys

illuminated villa 44
Translation: intellectual interests

old villa 67
Dream description: career advancement

dark villa 63
Meaning: austere life

villa in the countryside 17
Translation of the dream: peace of mind

furnished villa 72
Interpretation: passing enthusiasm

villa 19
Sense of the dream: economic tranquility

Seaside villa 40
What does it mean: impressionability exaggerated

villa with people 80
Meaning of the dream: proposals to sift

villa in ruins 87
Description: businesses difficult

Royal Villa 20
Interpretation of the dream: good social relations

sumptuous villa 74
Translation: exaggerated ambition

have a villa 86
Dream description: support to be given to relatives

see the villa 8
Meaning: illusions of short duration

deserted villa 12
Translation of the dream: momentary sadness

private villa 75
Interpretation: painful disease

own a villa 8
Sense of the dream: suspicions unjust

build a villa 40
What does it mean: melancholy

buy villa 33
Meaning of the dream: changes of opinion

strolling in villa 32
Description: arrogance of relatives

illuminate villa 66
Interpretation of the dream: major professional assignment

Outside of villa 70
Translation: wealth

to live in a villa 49
Dream description: delays and mishaps

furnish the villa 27
Meaning: errors impatience

deserted house 46
Translation of the dream: illusions of love

Noble family 68
Interpretation: read opposition

noble generation 88
Sense of the dream: complex to be overcome

noble weapon 88
What does it mean: money matters well under way

noble origin 82
Meaning of the dream: restlessness

noble apartment 80
Description: skills in business

noble shield 31
Interpretation of the dream: sincere affection

noble birth 6
Translation: waste of money

noble house 23
Dream description: circumstances of fortune

noble coat of arms 64
Meaning: longing secret

blazon noble 2
Translation of the dream: happy culmination of desires

fall in love with noble 30
Interpretation: good luck

noble pretend 4
Sense of the dream: you do not know your dealing with similar

Lily noblest weapon 33
What does it mean: non-resistance

noble 54
Meaning of the dream: successes

staircase of a mansion 76
Description: delusions of grandeur

degenerate 29
Interpretation of the dream: benefits

family chapel 25
Translation: ties with foreigners

comely woman 67
Dream description: favorable business meeting

rapacious gaze 32
Meaning: health to be monitored carefully

Moor 23
Translation of the dream: some contrast passenger

fall down 90
Interpretation: slander

fallen oak 31
Sense of the dream: quarrels of love

be guilty 15
What does it mean: great pain

falling into the fire 41
Meaning of the dream: good resolutions

great 57
Description: compromise dangerous

fallen tree 31
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels love

fallen stilt 60
Translation: excesses to be avoided

elm fallen 31
Dream description: quarrels of love

fallen log 25
Meaning: dangerous fantasies

great grandfather 66
Translation of the dream: messy love life

fallen fruit 72
Interpretation: presumption punished