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Dead mother dancing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dead mother dancing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dead mother 47
Meaning of the dream: increase of consideration

See dead mother 47
Description: increase of consideration

Emperor dancing 28
Interpretation of the dream: disease

Abbot dancing 63
Translation: Good news

wetting dancing 21
Dream description: attention to an insincere person who plot deception and fraud

shepherdess dancing 42
Meaning: experience a sense of vulnerability

eunuch dancing 89
Translation of the dream: uncertain journey

boy dancing 37
Interpretation: problems to be addressed

harlequins dancing 6
Sense of the dream: unwelcome complications

Blind dancing 77
What does it mean: humiliation and shame

mother (mom) 52
Meaning of the dream: protection and affection will come from a person close

dancing doll 76
Description: constructive energy

peasant dancing 35
Interpretation of the dream: difficulty materials

Neapolitan dancing 56
Translation: rough emotional situation

woman dancing 64
Dream description: secret ambitions

country dancing 71
Meaning: opposition at home

dead woman 11
Translation of the dream: Crisis in love

dead daughter 33
Interpretation: obscure maneuvers to discover

dead turtledove 84
Sense of the dream: difficult problems

dead bitch 23
What does it mean: instability of mood

dead ant 31
Meaning of the dream: problems at work

dead grandmother 33
Description: good omens

dancing boys 88
Interpretation of the dream: serious concerns

dead cow 84
Translation: disputes difficult

dead soul 14
Dream description: you need assistance for families

dead whore 76
Meaning: considerable fortune

dead giraffe 45
Translation of the dream: new perspectives and big changes

dancing naked 40
Interpretation: Negative thoughts

monkey dancing 53
Sense of the dream: infantilism pronounced

sick mother 59
What does it mean: Good news

strict mother 69
Meaning of the dream: useful exchange of ideas

Moorish dancing 5
Description: prosperity and well-being

mother arrested 26
Interpretation of the dream: neglect of friends

unnatural mother 72
Translation: negligence in work

neglecting mother 53
Dream description: obstacles to get around

hugs mother 52
Meaning: greed pleasures

drowned mother 52
Translation of the dream: not allowed to express yourself

nursing mother 22
Interpretation: try to be more sociable

praying mother 14
Sense of the dream: contrasts with your loved one

crazy dancing 81
What does it mean: you have to overcome your shyness

mother take 7
Meaning of the dream: secret fears

mother and sons 71
Description: inconstancy in love

arrival mother 65
Interpretation of the dream: economic problems

mother caressing 19
Translation: success of a deal

mother crying 54
Dream description: concerns

currying mother 54
Meaning: funeral in the family

injure mother 38
Translation of the dream: business disastrous

loving mother 52
Interpretation: loss of friends

resemble the mother 34
Sense of the dream: sense of security

new mother 45
What does it mean: you freed something

old dead 34
Meaning of the dream: next advantages

dead girl 33
Description: betrayal by employees

tribute to mother 45
Interpretation of the dream: abundance and peace

the mother saddened 16
Translation: unexpected encounters

prevent mother 40
Dream description: large capacity

kissing mother 52
Meaning: sudden entry of money

dead whale 74
Translation of the dream: disagreements with family

dead woodcock 70
Interpretation: unscrupulousness