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Lawn with pigs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream lawn with pigs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lawn with pigs 41
Meaning of the dream: negative attitudes

trough with pigs 40
Description: laziness, dirt

lawn with sheep 17
Interpretation of the dream: good omen

lawn with donkeys 30
Translation: you are pleasing

lawn 11
Dream description: You are taking time to appreciate your accomplishments

lawn with oxen 71
Meaning: harmful habits

barn with pigs 40
Translation of the dream: luck in the game

lawn with animals 8
Interpretation: pleasant surprise

lawn with chickens 60
Sense of the dream: do not trust some people

pigs 15
What does it mean: sloth and avarice

peel pigs 41
Meaning of the dream: projects impossible to achieve

across the lawn 26
Description: pleasant novelty

raise pigs 67
Interpretation of the dream: you fall in bad temptations

herd of pigs 30
Translation: embarrassment in a choice

weeding a lawn 4
Dream description: ability to exploit

raking a lawn 56
Meaning: non-resistance

pigs in the pigsty 60
Translation of the dream: a relative miser

fertilize your lawn 18
Interpretation: material well-being

slaughter pigs 67
Sense of the dream: risky business

pigs killed 66
What does it mean: need distension

feeding pigs 82
Meaning of the dream: sacrifices to bear

fatten pigs 28
Description: situation stable

castrate pigs 10
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows passengers

lawn potato 33
Translation: creativity profitable

mow a lawn 71
Dream description: vanity

see many pigs 35
Meaning: You do brisk business

a green lawn 76
Translation of the dream: invitation welcome

lawn cut 70
Interpretation: sad isolation

small pigs 20
Sense of the dream: someone makes fun of you

mowing the grass 18
What does it mean: economic improvements

meadow with grass 67
Meaning of the dream: illusions and hopes

pig grazing 29
Description: special joy

swineherd 1
Interpretation of the dream: worries and thoughts

grass with dew 30
Translation: intimate happiness

sorceress swineherd 57
Dream description: humiliation

pig street 34
Meaning: confusion and difficulty

peasant with grass 47
Translation of the dream: dangerous illusions

platter with food 37
Interpretation: unnecessary waiting

feed a pig 82
Sense of the dream: sacrifices

grass clippings 66
What does it mean: pride frustrated

rolling on the grass 17
Meaning of the dream: good relations

sleep on the grass 45
Description: reversal of situation

recline on the grass 53
Interpretation of the dream: waste of money

pig in the pigsty 32
Translation: unusual experiences

dinner with relatives 11
Dream description: lack of confidence

dinner with military 4
Meaning: Tangible evidence of friendship

dinner with the children 48
Translation of the dream: encouraging results

dinner with priests 49
Interpretation: self-confidence

dinner with parents 76
Sense of the dream: want made

adorn with rings 46
What does it mean: bad omens

breastfeed piglets 11
Meaning of the dream: unscrupulousness

mountain with vineyards 24
Description: Family disputes

dinner with her lover 29
Interpretation of the dream: rebellion to their own state

with university professors 89
Translation: to overcome shyness