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Daughter shoot with gun. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream daughter shoot with gun. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shoot with your gun 16
Meaning of the dream: pulse control

shoot weapon 45
Description: malicious gossip

shoot stranger 65
Interpretation of the dream: compromising relationships

daughter 10
Translation: economic concerns

fire the gun 3
Dream description: errors to be repaired

shoot someone 5
Meaning: heartbreak

shoot with rifle 70
Translation of the dream: disease

shoot in the air 4
Interpretation: displays of affection

shoot a gun 40
Sense of the dream: efforts to support

loving daughter 22
What does it mean: bright future

pregnant daughter 60
Meaning of the dream: decisive help

daughter invested 16
Description: fears and concerns

shoot 71
Interpretation of the dream: many enemies

disobedient daughter 4
Translation: ups and downs

dead daughter 33
Dream description: obscure maneuvers to discover

target with gun 10
Meaning: unpleasant news

shoot prisoners 9
Translation of the dream: fight against injustice

shoot animals 46
Interpretation: depression and discontent

daughter love 23
Sense of the dream: rapidity of decision

legitimate daughter 12
What does it mean: important secrets

arm yourself with gun 10
Meaning of the dream: concerns from relatives

shoot the revolver 38
Description: physical exuberance

sick daughter 26
Interpretation of the dream: hard experiences

have daughter 77
Translation: novelty coming

good daughter 82
Dream description: big events

shoot the window 2
Meaning: physical exhaustion

unloaded gun 48
Translation of the dream: want to curb

daughter married 3
Interpretation: measures to be taken

shoot rockets 38
Sense of the dream: Limited activity

shoot dead 30
What does it mean: painful family quarrels

sheath gun 19
Meaning of the dream: good faith betrayed

barrage shoot 53
Description: contacts to resume

buy gun 84
Interpretation of the dream: triumph over enemies

Shoot the Birds 50
Translation: fanaticism exaggerated

find the gun 22
Dream description: painful betrayal

fight a duel with gun 48
Meaning: violence

kill with a gun 23
Translation of the dream: misconduct

pave the gun 41
Interpretation: Fortunately compromised

gun 70
Sense of the dream: deception, boredom, anger

threatened with gun 66
What does it mean: need love

brandishing a gun 84
Meaning of the dream: lack of courage

loaded gun 70
Description: poor luck

maneuver musket (gun) without firing 18
Interpretation of the dream: danger for reason of jealousy

load the gun 23
Translation: delays and discussions

discharge of gun 35
Dream description: decisive meeting

a gun charge grid 46
Meaning: period of nervousness too

injure with the gun 42
Translation of the dream: deceptions and sadness

marry a daughter 12
Interpretation: happiness

abandon his daughter 35
Sense of the dream: dangerous business

pull the gun 9
What does it mean: risk of accidents

Cartridge gun 74
Meaning of the dream: passing infatuation

give birth to a daughter 66
Description: joy, dancing, feasting, followed by fears and pains

shortbarreled gun 8
Interpretation of the dream: discovery of enmity

shoot down an enemy 17
Translation: enthusiasm

detonation of a gun 49
Dream description: You want to become a mother