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Cutlery and glasses. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream cutlery and glasses. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cutlery 74
Meaning of the dream: lunch friends

use cutlery 24
Description: vague promises

silver cutlery 88
Interpretation of the dream: waiting impatiently

metal cutlery 81
Translation: desire for affection

wooden cutlery 20
Dream description: moodiness

buy cutlery 82
Meaning: solid results

wash cutlery 1

donate cutlery 10

glasses 88
Sense of the dream: error that you have to pay

old with glasses 49
What does it mean: melancholy passing

opera glasses 16
Meaning of the dream: false testimonies of affection

Crystal glasses 28
Description: regret useless

washing glasses 25
Interpretation of the dream: forebodings fallacious

wear glasses 22
Translation: missed opportunity

buy glasses 51
Dream description: sick passenger

dropping glasses 48
Meaning: fake friends

lose glasses 70
Translation of the dream: impediments and delays

glasses earpiece 72
Interpretation: consequence of infidelity

Sun glasses 14
Sense of the dream: optimism and confidence

reading glasses 4
What does it mean: satisfactory solution

clean glasses 70
Meaning of the dream: discovery of intrigue

washing up glasses 80
Description: cost-effective solution

breaking glasses 2
Interpretation of the dream: generosity and enthusiasm

shelf with glasses 14
Translation: happy moments

hurl glasses 2
Dream description: realizable remarkable

tray with glasses 60
Meaning: safety and benefits

sell glasses 80
Translation of the dream: indecision about what to do

glass or glasses 44
Interpretation: honesty transparency

colored glasses 37
Sense of the dream: friendships suspicious

extricate glasses 86

sheath of glasses 71

pack glasses 47

glasses with lenses 52

Silver glasses 81

shopkeeper of glasses 41

rinse glasses 23

short-sighted glasses 5
Translation of the dream: interesting experiences

rimmed glasses turtle 82
Interpretation: prospects happy

glasses mounted in gold 12
Sense of the dream: malicious gossip

glass jar 11
What does it mean: exaggerated enthusiasm

goblet of glass 55
Meaning of the dream: difficult relationship

crystal glass 44
Description: dislikes unjustified

glass gold 90
Interpretation of the dream: rapid collapse of illusions

glass Silver 48
Translation: restriction of personal freedom

glass of metal 52
Dream description: Health unstable

clean glass 18
Meaning: attitudes safe

dirty glass 15
Translation of the dream: yearning for the beautiful

cracked glass 15
Interpretation: dangerous head shots

broken glass 5
Sense of the dream: danger of infection

glass of chalice 51
What does it mean: vanity excessive

water glass 1
Meaning of the dream: repentance useless

wineglass 10
Description: Good news coming

liqueur glass 38
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm for good news

full glass 75
Translation: greed for money

colored glass 44
Dream description: great imagination

glass bottle 67
Meaning: indecision and insecurity

glass button 84
Translation of the dream: prodigality eccentric

glass pitcher 75
Interpretation: little understanding

tarnish the glass of a window 15
Sense of the dream: you want to convince them of something

glass carafe 77
What does it mean: pulse control

glass bowl 51
Meaning of the dream: passing pleasures

hourglass (sand) 20
Description: advice to give

hourglass water 16
Interpretation of the dream: advice to give

Isinglass 26
Translation: women gossip

contemplated in a glass 54
Dream description: disillusion

glass lid 65
Meaning: skill and cunning

breaking glass 36
Translation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

glass filter 52
Interpretation: promising business

glass funnel 68
Sense of the dream: volatility harmful

glass plate 16
What does it mean: your tranquility should be treated because it could vanish at any moment

glass object 26
Meaning of the dream: obstacles overcome

opaque glass 88
Description: infatuation of short duration

fish in a glass tank 14
Interpretation of the dream: stasis in the affective

piece of glass 13
Translation: ephemeral goods

give a glass 9
Dream description: Coincidentally

goblet glass 34
Meaning: the opposite

eyeglasses 5
Translation of the dream: misfortune, melancholy

glass objects 20
Interpretation: restlessness and redemption