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Be kept by the wrist. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream be kept by the wrist. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wrist 81
Meaning of the dream: character

injured wrist 39
Description: you will have to fight hard to win

cut wrist 44
Interpretation of the dream: themes for your health

sprained wrist 52
Translation: projects in love

be kept in the dark 7
Dream description: shyness exaggerated

wrist strap shoes 22
Meaning: well-paid job

be put to shame 44
Translation of the dream: place of honor

wrist watch 21
Interpretation: change for favorable circumstances

well kept 33
Sense of the dream: great news

be disturbed by snoring 85
What does it mean: glitches and mishaps in the work

be taken into arm 45
Meaning of the dream: you have a strong character

be placed in a sepulcher 35
Description: good omen

set be released 72
Interpretation of the dream: loss of their property and charges

be put in the dock 54
Translation: unfounded fears

weak pulse 34
Dream description: timidity, insecurity

see guilty be sentenced 58
Meaning: struggles and disputes

strong pulse 22
Translation of the dream: decision, courage

be called by the notary 72
Interpretation: novelty important

feel the pulse 49
Sense of the dream: suffering durable

be watched over dead 10
What does it mean: bad news

pulse rate 8
Meaning of the dream: hostile environment

be bothered by flies 62
Description: envious friends

be touched by bat 45
Interpretation of the dream: sudden misfortune

devil be brought 26
Translation: more good than sad omen

be called to the police station 11
Dream description: tenacious rancor

be approached by a prince 16
Meaning: honor and profit

be placed in a tomb 69
Translation of the dream: novelty important

will firmly 29
Interpretation: remarkable progress

be quarantined 68
Sense of the dream: quarrels and ruptures

be taken in righteousness 34
What does it mean: fortune

being persecuted by bear 40
Meaning of the dream: unexpected things will happen

be stabbed 49
Description: a person who can not see for a long time to get sorrows

be covered with hair 3
Interpretation of the dream: health and long life

will 57
Translation: unexpected money

be questioned by the devil 21
Dream description: contrariness

being lead by front 59
Meaning: give up to your responsibilities

be stopped by a beggar 22
Translation of the dream: thou shalt well-being from your wisdom

murderers be killed by them 4
Interpretation: inheritance

be approached by a thief 2
Sense of the dream: your projects will be realized

be seriously ill 22
What does it mean: acute powers of observation

scars will be reopened 2
Meaning of the dream: an old pain was forgotten

to be killed by brigands 82
Description: heritage removed

It is surrounded by laurel 3
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity and pleasures

be bitten by a tarantula 51
Translation: anguish

be stained with blood 36
Dream description: serious disaster

be expelled from the circle 3
Meaning: compromising friendships

be released from secret 33
Translation of the dream: profitable business