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curriculum 11
Meaning of the dream: pleasant adventure

Programme exams 36
Description: new possibilities

make a plan 62
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness and dissatisfaction

program 3
Translation: restlessness and dissatisfaction

murmur plan 51
Dream description: to work hard

read a program 81
Meaning: favorable events

school year 27
Translation of the dream: difficult changes

hear a plan 26
Interpretation: Happy Marriage

draw a plan 81
Sense of the dream: confidentiality and prudence

conceive a plan 18
What does it mean: energy reflexive

theater program 30
Meaning of the dream: new aspirations

sing plan 66
Description: serenity and confidence

thwart a plan 20
Interpretation of the dream: good intelligence

road plan 36
Translation: good health

curriculum vitae 60
Dream description: good news will come in the workplace

project plan 32
Meaning: ties in danger

laurel plan 72
Translation of the dream: victory and pleasures

resume scolding 1
Interpretation: recklessness and imprudence

plan of a house 9
Sense of the dream: coming changes

scholastic 15
What does it mean: a happy event will bring joy in family

plan of a city 76
Meaning of the dream: journey to make

Director of Studies 81
Description: emotional bonds to strengthen

broadcast 11
Interpretation of the dream: instability of mood

illiterate who studies 80
Translation: serenity of spirit

monk studying 23
Dream description: a relationship that seemed frivolous and passenger, will prove challenging and exciting

concentrate on their studies 30
Meaning: adaptation to the environment

work schedule 18
Translation of the dream: important meetings

immerse themselves in their studies 30
Interpretation: some serious quarrel

do their own studies 6
Sense of the dream: joy of long life

current school 18
What does it mean: senseless actions

school board 19
Meaning of the dream: anxieties and fear

school exam 88
Description: inner torments

school register 34
Interpretation of the dream: brilliant intelligence

school inspector 54
Translation: head shots

school composition 77
Dream description: easy conquest

school prize 62
Meaning: resourcefulness excessive

Poll school 7
Translation of the dream: lack of reflection

school calendar 2
Interpretation: inventive spirit

school diary 22
Sense of the dream: research useful

school flag 35
What does it mean: solicitude of relatives

school mark 21
Meaning of the dream: minor glitches

school certificate 26
Description: submission to the will of others

study day 66
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant surprise

background 37
Translation: a lot of work ahead and gains

field trip 14
Dream description: gain safe

lighting of study 87
Meaning: process lost

concert 31
Translation of the dream: long illness

advancing education 26
Interpretation: active life

Concert Singing 86
Sense of the dream: very intense and strong relationship with a new acquaintance

instrumental concert 9
What does it mean: presence of mind

attend a concert 86
Meaning of the dream: stubbornness

conduct a concert 61
Description: false flattery

go to a concert 52
Interpretation of the dream: resourcefulness and courage

plane high 70
Translation: good friendships