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Costume jewelery items. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream costume jewelery items. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wear jewelery 60
Meaning of the dream: disease

hide jewelery 62
Description: speculations dangerous

costume 28
Interpretation of the dream: surrounded by people dishonest

be in costume 5
Translation: sincere affection

dance costume 71
Dream description: bad success of an idea

costume jewelry 14
Meaning: be persevering

modern costume 67
Translation of the dream: lack of real affection

historical costume 43
Interpretation: novelty favorable

theatrical costume 29
Sense of the dream: health uncertain

regional costume 79
What does it mean: imagination and fantasy

masquerade costume 57
Meaning of the dream: misunderstanding with an elderly person

reception in costume 54
Description: adventures passing

costume ball 71
Interpretation of the dream: good organization

buy items 3
Translation: gain

store items 5
Dream description: oddities mood

line items 6
Meaning: weakness to be overcome

silk items 50
Translation of the dream: you fantasize in various dreams

repair items 85
Interpretation: passive obedience

Aluminum items 26
Sense of the dream: you ll lose a lot of time unnecessarily

prepare items 6
What does it mean: lack of tranquility in the family

list of items 6
Meaning of the dream: readiness and intuition

pocketing items 40
Description: abundance

collect items 5
Interpretation of the dream: symbol of the male sexual organ

return stolen items 60
Translation: period of no confidence

museum of rare items 22
Dream description: infirmity

dress costumes 55
Meaning: falsehood

counterfeit item 68
Translation of the dream: sympathy affected

jeweler 63
Interpretation: you will become poor

sell an item 87
Sense of the dream: very interesting experience

jeweler who sells 70
What does it mean: prudence required

jeweler who buys 88
Meaning of the dream: inner struggle

jeweler robbed 68
Description: loss of a friend

Rare item 75
Interpretation of the dream: regret useless

give a personal item 39
Translation: profitable activities

dressing up in costumes 26
Dream description: inner insecurity

baby item 1
Meaning: long-term projects

Use costumes 29
Translation of the dream: big news

Administration Item 52
Interpretation: Fear for something slightly

direction Item 36
Sense of the dream: someone wants to take away your freedom

excitement 58
What does it mean: unconscious wish unfulfilled