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Dug excavator. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream dug excavator. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

buy digger 75
Meaning of the dream: informed decisions

mechanical digger 12
Description: fair play

repair digger 38
Interpretation of the dream: haughtiness

use the digger 70
Translation: sick passenger

digger 32
Dream description: await sad days

dead excavated 43
Meaning: letter good

mole digging 6
Translation of the dream: success in work

gravedigger digging 72
Interpretation: danger of chatter

pit to be excavated 32
Sense of the dream: intentions tenacious

dig roots 17
What does it mean: strong feelings

dig seeing 23
Meaning of the dream: intense mental activity

dig the rock 33
Description: inner dissatisfaction

dig the vineyard 58
Interpretation of the dream: skills in business

digging the garden 23
Translation: pugnacity

dig a field 7
Dream description: physical balance

digging a tunnel 60
Meaning: you're looking to take your satisfaction

digging the vegetable garden 40
Translation of the dream: prudence and diplomacy

excavation of foundations 34
Interpretation: unexpected gains

dig gold 67
Sense of the dream: satisfaction

dig up a live 50
What does it mean: terrible misfortune

dig a mine 62
Meaning of the dream: hostility of the surrounding environment

cheeks hollowed 12
Description: sudden adversity

Regiment in the trenches 85
Interpretation of the dream: perseverance and tenacity

be an engraver 22
Translation: sadness

soup plates 86
Dream description: imprudence dangerous

gravedigger 77
Meaning: much luck on a trip

dig 22
Translation of the dream: you work too much to try to discover the truth in a problem on your trail

gold digger 54
Interpretation: adversity with a relative

dig a hole 55
Sense of the dream: debts to pay

dig a pit 56
What does it mean: desire for novelty

hand drill 22
Meaning of the dream: agitation and extravagance

pierce a wall 77
Description: tasks unwelcome

dig up a dead 14
Interpretation of the dream: infidelity

drill with irons 1
Translation: give to Caesar what is Caesar

shovel 55
Dream description: knowing how to get busy at the right time can provide a huge profit that will give well-being for a long time

of excavations guide 45
Meaning: instability in the work

jump over a ditch 38
Translation of the dream: You will overcome the difficulties

shovel baker 78
Interpretation: drudgery

bakery shovel 45
Sense of the dream: violent passion

use a shovel 90
What does it mean: happiness

Handle of scoop 25
Meaning of the dream: great social period

shovel mason 55
Description: benefit safe

see the spade use 51
Interpretation of the dream: calm and health

see and not use a shovel 21
Translation: sadness

watering hole with oxen 54
Dream description: next aid

watering hole with horses 68
Meaning: interesting journey

watering hole with poultry 81
Translation of the dream: deception of friends

drowned in the ditch 32
Interpretation: commitments completed

balustrade of a chapel 14
Sense of the dream: unexpected benefit

fall into a pit 47
What does it mean: good health

ravine 43
Meaning of the dream: fortune

climb into a ravine 16
Description: little ailments passengers

fall into a ravine 90
Interpretation of the dream: speculation guess