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Congratulations for a birthday. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream congratulations for a birthday. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

congratulations for a birthday 8
Meaning of the dream: physical exuberance

toast for a birthday 78
Description: evidence of affection

birthday invite 65
Interpretation of the dream: in reality no cure your person

congratulations for a birth 29
Translation: healthy optimism

birthday day 52
Dream description: discomforts passengers

congratulations for a wedding 77
Meaning: desire for revenge

birthday gift 77
Translation of the dream: economic hardship

wishes for birthday 6
Interpretation: realization of credits

congratulations for an exam 32
Sense of the dream: love solitude

birthday dance 5
What does it mean: confidence to be accorded

celebrate a birthday 44
Meaning of the dream: peaceful and serene life

congratulations for a party 23
Description: impending problems

do congratulations 4
Interpretation of the dream: you envious

Eighteenth birthday 22
Translation: you think you've got what you deserved

receive congratulations 7
Dream description: insincerity

anniversary 16
Meaning: hopes fulfilled

happy birth 87
Translation of the dream: pain tolerance

congratulate voice 4
Interpretation: prospects of success

congratulate writing 17
Sense of the dream: needs of families

congratulate the relatives 72
What does it mean: obstacles

congratulate the father 88
Meaning of the dream: economic prosperity

congratulate a friend 28
Description: organizational skills

congratulation 21
Interpretation of the dream: joy and good humor

congratulate to a degree 41
Translation: Understanding sentimental

birth anniversary 49
Dream description: excessive dynamism

to congratulate 49
Meaning: joy and good humor

congratulate the top 2
Translation of the dream: happiness next

congratulate a brother 89
Interpretation: projects unfeasible

congratulate the mother 5
Sense of the dream: future plans

remember an anniversary 18
What does it mean: susceptibility

wedding anniversary 86
Meaning of the dream: windfall

celebrate an anniversary 23
Description: confidence misplaced

Anniversary Engagement 26
Interpretation of the dream: acuity of judgment

sincere compliments 39
Translation: lack of objectivity

receive greetings 74
Dream description: harmony passing

anniversary of the death of a relative 81
Meaning: steadfast friendship

camel hair 70
Translation of the dream: disagreements in social relations

toast for a birth 13
Interpretation: unexpected arrival

Wishing you hump 10
Sense of the dream: originality of views

enrich for legacy 51
What does it mean: pleasant surprise

Passion for the game 19
Meaning of the dream: gain that fades

fight for the sick 1
Description: convalescence

passion for the sea 30
Interpretation of the dream: You have regrets of the past

fight for the healthy 3
Translation: infirmity

advanced afternoon 88
Dream description: anxiety about not being able to reach a goal

Nativity of Jesus 25
Meaning: exuberance

Nativity of St. john 24
Translation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

compliments 62
Interpretation: joy and good humor

drying her hair with a hair dryer 63
Sense of the dream: seeks to reflect more in special situations

merry laughter 43
What does it mean: chatter

compensate with money 7
Meaning of the dream: dangerous follies

to ask for a job 70
Description: ability of judgment

fiftieth anniversary 38
Interpretation of the dream: We should not allow people full of arrogance and pride we mortify

to surrender to war 25
Translation: good business