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Congratulations for a birthday. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream congratulations for a birthday. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

congratulations for a birthday 8

do congratulations 4
Description: you envious

congratulations for a birth 29
Interpretation of the dream: healthy optimism

congratulations for a wedding 77
Translation: desire for revenge

receive congratulations 7
Dream description: insincerity

congratulations for an exam 32

congratulations for a party 23

toast for a birthday 78
Interpretation: evidence of affection

celebrate a birthday 44
Sense of the dream: peaceful and serene life

birthday day 52
What does it mean: discomforts passengers

birthday dance 5

birthday invite 65

wishes for birthday 6

birthday gift 77

congratulate 6
Dream description: restlessness and inconstancy

to congratulate 49
Meaning: joy and good humor

congratulate voice 4
Translation of the dream: prospects of success

congratulate writing 17
Interpretation: needs of families

congratulate the father 88
Sense of the dream: economic prosperity

congratulate the mother 5
What does it mean: future plans

congratulate a brother 89
Meaning of the dream: projects unfeasible

congratulate a friend 28
Description: organizational skills

congratulate to a degree 41
Interpretation of the dream: Understanding sentimental

congratulation 21
Translation: joy and good humor

congratulate the relatives 72

congratulate the top 2