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Colored mice. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream colored mice. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

colored socks 44
Meaning of the dream: business cheated

tame mice 13
Description: misery

grab mice 73
Interpretation of the dream: innate optimism

mice 66
Translation: guilt or envy

flush out mice 80
Dream description: threats dark

mice in bed 5
Meaning: health hazard

mice in the closet 55
Translation of the dream: family responsibilities

small mice 37
Interpretation: morbid anxieties

mice street 80
Sense of the dream: repressed desires

teach mice 13
What does it mean: misery

mice fleeing 81
Meaning of the dream: plot foiled

gray mice 35
Description: desire for love

kill mice 31
Interpretation of the dream: unjustified jealousy

colored rags 89
Translation: forces decreasing

mice in the house 4
Dream description: family troubles

colored pants 6
Meaning: compromises dangerous

colored sandals 20
Translation of the dream: attraction for the unknown

see many mice 44
Interpretation: very difficult

kill many mice 71
Sense of the dream: You put to rest all your enemies

rodent (mice or other family) 19
What does it mean: meetings too easy and therefore dangerous

mice on his body 74
Meaning of the dream: long period of opposition

colored strings 41
Description: pain of love

afraid of mice 52
Interpretation of the dream: triumph over enemies

mice into mouth 10
Translation: momentary troubles

colored dragees 42
Dream description: vitality and momentum

cesspool with mice 16
Meaning: chat slanderers

mice on their person 74
Translation of the dream: long period of opposition

trap mice 65
Interpretation: trouble with family

being attacked by mice 73
Sense of the dream: people that you want to put in difficulty

colored glasses 37
What does it mean: friendships suspicious

colored shirts 51
Meaning of the dream: fluke

nest of mice 11
Description: business cheated

mice in the pantry 37
Interpretation of the dream: Negotiations disappointing

barn with mice 86
Translation: prosperity in the activities undertaken

colored spots 64
Dream description: increase of prestige

underground with mice 73
Meaning: annoyances and obstacles

five sheets of colored sheets 12
Translation of the dream: passing whims

match colored 79
Interpretation: new hope

colorful flowers 22
Sense of the dream: feelings paid

colored shoes 70
What does it mean: request money

colored dish 42
Meaning of the dream: happiness and joy to the people in your family

white mice 78
Description: good relations

colored garter 16
Interpretation of the dream: misunderstanding with your loved one

colored ceiling 3
Translation: great ideas

11 - Smorfia classic: mice 11

colored planet 13
Meaning: detente and peace

colored staircase 55
Translation of the dream: feelings thwarted

colored chapel 44
Interpretation: waste of time

colored scrap 48
Sense of the dream: misunderstandings sentimental

colorful gloves 16
What does it mean: joy and relaxation

campagnoli mice 58
Meaning of the dream: unfounded jealousy

colored fork 20
Description: malevolent judgments

colored flannel 71
Interpretation of the dream: nervousness and fatigue