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Collector of comics. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream collector of comics. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

comic book reader 17
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant news

see comic books 18
Description: vanity

collector structure 47
Interpretation of the dream: small satisfactions in the family

reads comic 20
Translation: fanciful dreams

comic artist 43
Dream description: damage

collector 6
Meaning: sorrows, tears

ticket collector 26
Translation of the dream: sadness jealousy

plunder a debt collector 13
Interpretation: lucky business

cartoon that quarrels 69
Sense of the dream: waivers to do

snowman cartoon 80
What does it mean: scenes of jealousy

newspaper comic 8
Meaning of the dream: careful envy

coin collection 26
Description: unstable situation

tax collector 67
Interpretation of the dream: forebodings fallacious

rubber manifold 27
Translation: Good news in the family

comic academy 37
Dream description: are you trying to put out the wrong way

figure drawn 24
Meaning: discovery of a secret of others

wooden ruler strip 71
Translation of the dream: joy

band of pirates 73
Interpretation: happy ending in a risky project

tread 37
Sense of the dream: seriousness of purpose

band of pilgrims 10
What does it mean: burning Love

strip 67
Meaning of the dream: theft

Mayor with the band 46
Description: economic solidity

bandaged elbow 23
Interpretation of the dream: suffering durable

tape seal 68
Translation: capacity for endurance

bandaged forehead 77
Dream description: lack of understanding

knee bandaged 78
Meaning: haughtiness

magnetic tape 48
Translation of the dream: obstacles overcome

belt dressing 37
Interpretation: difficulties from the environment

videotape 35
Sense of the dream: negative experience you want to remedy

gang of murderers 28
What does it mean: pleasant novelty

hairband 53
Meaning of the dream: quarrels with family

stripe dress 11
Description: if you are married your marriage in danger

leather strip 61
Interpretation of the dream: bitterness

gold band 87
Translation: faithfulness in love

Brigade men 78
Dream description: sensitivity of mind

strip of skin 32
Meaning: talk to Avoid

gang of thieves 70
Translation of the dream: concerns work

strip of cloth 43
Interpretation: irascibility from curb

band of gypsies 26
Sense of the dream: sick passenger

tape on the gold 82
What does it mean: decisions, courage

military band 14
Meaning of the dream: victorious resistance

band of brothers 42
Description: stubbornness

strip of paper 8
Interpretation of the dream: injustice

Tape funeral wreath 6
Translation: Late remorse

of idle bandwidth 24
Dream description: susceptibility

dinner with relatives 11
Meaning: lack of confidence

dinner with men 8
Translation of the dream: advantages at the expense of other

dinner with women 5
Interpretation: Failure of a deal

dinner with military 4
Sense of the dream: Tangible evidence of friendship

lunch with friends 82
What does it mean: momentary satisfaction

dinner with the children 48
Meaning of the dream: encouraging results

dinner with priests 49
Description: self-confidence

dinner with parents 76
Interpretation of the dream: want made

dinner with her husband 46
Translation: threads to avoid

dinner with her lover 29
Dream description: rebellion to their own state