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You. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream you. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lower your head 36
Meaning of the dream: fickle love

put your hands down 5
Description: fatality

beautify your face 8
Interpretation of the dream: momentary difficulties

Take a bite with your doctor 12
Translation: good health

see your home 11
Dream description: opposition falling

acne on your face 25
Meaning: betrayal of friends

to train young people to work 72
Translation of the dream: fruitful achievements

decorate your room 41
Interpretation: welfare

buckle your shoes 50
Sense of the dream: narrow escape

hotelier young 10
What does it mean: diplomatic actions

fasten your sails 41
Meaning of the dream: aid determinants

tie your shoes 70
Description: improvised relatives

loosen your belt 21
Interpretation of the dream: hopes dashed

lift your eyes 86
Translation: happiness in love

raise up your head 8
Dream description: great activities

raise your hands 10
Meaning: tenacity in completing new commitments

raise your voice 78
Translation of the dream: false insinuations

young lover 37
Interpretation: quarrels in love

love your spouse 12
Sense of the dream: magnetism

love your neighbor 66
What does it mean: prudence with correspondence

sick to your doctor 13
Meaning of the dream: danger of leakage

hang your hat 30
Description: deception by an employee

open your mouth 3
Interpretation of the dream: vanity punished

arm yourself with stick 16
Translation: thwarted love

arm yourself with gun 10
Dream description: concerns from relatives

arm yourself with sword 34
Meaning: slight indisposition

arm yourself with dagger 88
Translation of the dream: severe concerns

arm yourself with knife 41
Interpretation: minor accident

get on your bike 33
Sense of the dream: novelty worrying

quarrel with your spouse 26
What does it mean: confusion of ideas

find yourself at the fork on the right path 22
Meaning of the dream: wise insight

find yourself at the fork on the wrong path 89
Description: reckless projects

young pickpocket 30
Interpretation of the dream: Accepted tips

grumble with your spouse 21
Translation: sense of justice

burn yourself 19
Dream description: disorders

burn your feet 25
Meaning: protections required

burn your tongue 11
Translation of the dream: moral resistance

lose your bearings 13
Interpretation: physical force

clothes see burn and consume your 6
Sense of the dream: boredom and slander, insult, loss of processes, cheating among friends

mention your fingers 5
What does it mean: vanity

access if you help others 69
Meaning of the dream: fulfillment of desires

give credit to your flatterers 28
Description: betrayal and mislead yourself (or yourself)

bees that make honey on your property 8
Interpretation of the dream: spirit of consideration, eloquence and total success of your business and your projects

see honey bees lay somewhere or corner of your home 3
Translation: eloquence, dignity, success

child playing with you 80
Dream description: you have not forgotten the naivete

bigamy your 25
Meaning: you have doubts about the choice of your partner

bigamy your partner 27
Translation of the dream: not all of you are enemies

do your own calculation 18
Interpretation: bad health

stomp your feet 74
Sense of the dream: risk of theft

wear your hat 16
What does it mean: disappointments in love

wash your shirt 58
Meaning of the dream: crushes

young singer 80
Description: chimerical dreams

wash your hair 71
Interpretation of the dream: victory over enemies

take your hat 34
Translation: danger of exploitation

your alarm clock 72
Dream description: unexpected encounters